Easing the Pain of a Breakup

Misery breeds misery and before you know it, every part of your life is falling apart. You need to make two resolutions, what are they?


Sometimes in life we encounter experiences of such magnitude that they threaten to take over our lives.  The death of a loved one or a serious illness, these are obvious experiences.  But sometimes people underestimate the destructive power of a breakup with the one you love.  It hits you as an appalling shock and you find yourself drowning in a tide of conflicting emotions: guilt, anger, pain, regret and bewilderment.  You didn’t see this coming and it’s left you in pieces

It’s only too easy at such a time to let this catastrophe propel you into an irreversible decline.  Misery breeds misery and before you know it, every part of your life is falling apart.  So you need to take control as quickly as you can and adopt some simple strategies for dealing with the pain. You need to make two resolutions, immediately. 

One is to make sure you stay active, fit and healthy.  If you feel physically good then strong a mental health will follow.  Rediscover the sheer endorphin fuelled pleasure of a good workout.  And thanks to the MP3 player, even half an hour on the treadmill can feel like your own private dance party.  Just be careful of the music you choose. It should be upbeat and positive.

The second is to promise yourself not to neglect your friends and family.  They’re the greatest source of support you’ve got.  Spend time with them.  You don’t have to go over the bones of your breakup with them.  Just talk, laugh and enjoy some good times together.  As soon as you re-engage with people who love you and care about you, you’ll start to realize there’s a lot more to your life than you imagined.

So, don’t let misery get its claws in you.  Take back your life and enjoy the thrill of moving on.

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