What are the different oral pleasures you can enjoy with your partner?

Oral pleasure, also known as oral sex, can be an incredibly intimate and pleasurable experience for both partners. Here are different types of oral pleasure activities that you can enjoy with your partner:


Different types of oral pleasure activities that you can enjoy with your partner


Cunnilingus (Oral Sex on a Woman):

Cunnilingus involves stimulating a woman's genital area, including the clitoris, vulva, and vaginal opening, using the mouth, lips, tongue, and sometimes fingers.

Techniques for cunnilingus can include gentle licking, sucking, nibbling, and using varying pressures and speeds to stimulate different areas of the vulva and clitoris. Choose the best female escorts in Delhi who are disease free.

Focus on exploring your partner's responses and cues to determine what techniques and movements provide the most pleasure.


Fellatio (Oral Sex on a Man):

Fellatio involves stimulating a man's genital area, including the penis, testicles, and perineum, using the mouth, lips, tongue, and hands.

Techniques for fellatio can include licking, sucking, swirling the tongue around the head of the penis, gently nibbling, and using varying pressures and speeds.

Experiment with using your hands in conjunction with oral stimulation to provide added pleasure and variety. Contact female escort service in Delhi for the best experience.


69 Position:

The 69 position allows both partners to engage in oral sex simultaneously, with one partner lying on their back while the other partner lies on top, creating a mutual oral pleasure experience.

This position allows for mutual stimulation and can be an exciting way to share pleasure and intimacy with your partner.


Analingus (Rimming):

Analingus involves stimulating the anal area using the mouth, lips, and tongue. It can be a highly sensitive and pleasurable experience for some individuals.

Use caution and communication when exploring analingus to ensure both partners are comfortable and consenting. Choose the best female escorts in Delhi for a casual night out.


Teasing and Edging:

Incorporate teasing and edging techniques into oral pleasure to build anticipation and prolong pleasure. This can involve alternating between intense stimulation and gentle teasing to heighten arousal.


Using Props and Accessories:

Experiment with using props such as flavored lubricants, edible underwear, or sex toys designed for oral pleasure to add variety and stimulation.

Consider incorporating a dental dam or condom for safer oral sex practices, especially if you're not in a monogamous relationship or if there are concerns about sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Always be in touch with reliable female escort service in Delhi.


Mutual Exploration:

Encourage mutual exploration and communication during oral pleasure activities. Ask for feedback, listen to your partner's cues and responses, and adjust your techniques accordingly to maximize pleasure.


Combining Oral Sex with Other Stimulations:

Combine oral sex with other forms of stimulation, such as manual stimulation, kissing, caressing, or incorporating sex toys, to create a multi-sensory and pleasurable experience.


Role-Playing and Fantasy:

Incorporate role-playing scenarios or shared fantasies into your oral pleasure activities to add excitement and creativity. Create a playful and erotic atmosphere to enhance the experience. Pick the best High-profile female escorts in Delhi!


Aftercare and Communication:

After oral pleasure activities, engage in gentle aftercare by offering comforting touches, cuddling, and verbal affirmations of pleasure and satisfaction.

Communicate openly with your partner about their likes, dislikes, boundaries, and preferences regarding oral pleasure to ensure a mutually enjoyable and consensual experience.  Get in touch with the best Call girls in Delhi!



Remember that communication, mutual consent, and respect for each other's boundaries are essential for a satisfying and pleasurable oral pleasure experience. Prioritize your partner's pleasure and comfort, and enjoy exploring the diverse sensations and intimacy that oral sex can provide.