Kabul martyrdom attack was in retaliation for the massacre in Siyah Gerd

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KABUL, Jan. 18 – The coordinated group martyrdom attack which struck the restaurant ‘Taverna du Leban’ of foreign invaders at 07:30 pm last night lasted till 09:30 pm local time in which the invaders suffered heavy losses, according to officials.

The target of the attack was a restaurant frequented by high ranking foreigners located on 14th street of Wazir Akbar Khan area in Kabul city where the invaders used to dine with booze and liquor in the plenty.

The successful operation was carried out very professionally by 3 heroic martyrdom seekers of Islamic Emirate armed with heavy and light weapons as well as explosives vests.

The attack was in retaliation to the massacre carried out by foreign invaders 2 days earlier in Parwan province's Siyah Gerd district where the enemy airstrikes destroyed up to 10 homes, razed several orchards as well as killing and wounding up to 30 innocent civilians mostly defenseless women and children.

Reliable information received up to this point indicate that the successful revenge operation resulted in 29 high ranking foreign invaders and 8 hireling Afghans killed as well as tens of others wounded.

The inconsistent and contradictory reports handed out by the security forces of the stooge Kabul regime regarding the attack in itself show the precision and heavy toll inflicted by the powerful operation.

The fighting finally came to an end two hours later when the last Mujahid embraced martyrdom after delivering a heavy admonitory blow to the enemy which they shall never forget.


Spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Zabihullah Mujahid

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