Does Your Document Management System Have these Essential Features?

Document management system is an online cloud storage platform for businesses.It is available as a cloud hosted service in SaaS model which allows businesses.


A Document Management System (DMS) provides immense business value for a growing business or a full- fledged enterprise. The DMS can keep a record of various versions of the same document which were created or modified by different users. It can also track the history of the modifications done on the documents.

Document Management Systems are available in different size and scope from standalone systems to large scale enterprise-wide configurations, efficiently built for a global audience. Considering that in today’s world, embracing an appropriate and efficient Document Management System is essential, we will look into the eight essential features that a Document Management System should have to provide the perfect solution.

  1. Indexing and organizing documents

Document indexing is an important feature in a DMS. It helps to index the documents or arrange the documents to make it easily available without time-consuming searches. It tags and organizes the documents based on different search terms, which makes it easier to categorize, retrieve or search for the documents when they are needed.

An efficient DMS should have ‘full texting index’ as well as ‘field based indexing’. An efficient Document Management System should also contain features like

  • Optical character recognition indexing

  • Multi-language support,

  • Meta-data indexing,

  • Different format indexing,

  • Indexing and recognition of contents,

  • Identifying path of the document,

  • Numbering of documents automatically, and

  • Revision indexing.

It should essentially have the features to index all documents in such a way that it can be easily searched and retrieved.

      2. Excellent search engine

Probably the next crucial feature after indexing is a powerful search facility. This feature elevates the utility value of the DMS returning quick and accurate results of the search query (for both, content search and meta-data search). It should also have options of advanced search based on wildcards and partial strings. It should allow text-based search and even field based search.  Indexing and searching should be efficient in a suitable Document Management System in order to improve employee productivity and make a compelling business case for the DMS.

      3. Processing and conversion of documents

Processing of documents involves the conversion of documents and contents of documents, whether typed, handwritten or digital documents into electronic information. These involve features like Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) and Optical Character recognition (OCR). An organization must have the resources to handle the amount of documents they generate, and proper Document Management System with an efficient document processing is essential.


A perfect DMS should provide options to create documents using templates, process email documents, check in and check out documents, inbuilt document editors for different files, link the documents to the CRM, and link documents to the record in the system.


  1. Automation of workflow

To ensure that at the right person gets the right information about project execution at the right time is critical. This is the reason Work flow automation is an absolute essential feature in an ideal Document Management System.

Work flow automation reduces errors and ensures tasks are not forgotten. It helps in the efficient of the entire work flow of the business. The document would route itself automatically to the correct destination. Work flow automation in a Document Management System should have

  • Multi- level permission,

  • Automatic creation of records based on documents,

  • Efficient document routing,

  • Business rules for individuals and documents

  • Easy operating procedure for greater adoption.


  1. Encryption and security

Security of the documents is an absolute must for all business. Keeping information organized, accurate, and secure, is key to protecting any confidential information and also a key feature for any Document Management System. Documents should be encrypted and the access should be permitted following compliance and workplace policies. An ideal Document Management System would allow you to review and rate documents based on their sensitivity and confidentiality. It should allow audit trails, advanced access rights, ownership modifications and tracking of documents for the better security of documents.


  1. User interface

Like any other software, the interface of a Document Management System should be interactive, easy, and self-explanatory. It should contain the basic features like the document inbox, search engines, and internal chats features for the employees to be able to embrace it faster. An attractive and easy user interface would require less supervision and the transition would take less time.


  1. Versatility in document support

Document input for multiple paper/document types is a critical feature that a Document Management System should have. It has to allow business to combine paper documents and digital files. Thus it is essential for the DMS to have a scanner, email, upload systems, cloud storage, ways to upload in bulk, automated uploads, mobile applications, Web services etc. Features like access Cloud access should be absolutely essential as web based Document Management Systems are becoming widely popular across the world. Thus there should be more features and options to allow business to efficiently input documents without any hassles.


  1. Customization

With the change in job type, the Document Management System should have the option to change as well. It is absolutely essential to have a Document Management System which can be easily tailored based on the needs and usage of the employees. It should allow you to

  • Create customized windows

  • Create custom records,

  • Add and tweak document attributes, and

  • Create and modify attributes of dashboard and the reports within the DMS

There are a lot of benefits implementing a Document Management System to your business. Do utilize the services of a proven vendor like Mobisoft Infotech in order to get the right fit enterprise grade DMS customized exclusively to your organization.