Does Avoiding Your Ex Helps to Win Them Back?

What is the first thing a person does after they have been dumped? If you guessed panic, you are absolutely right. They will try to contact their ex constantly to see why things dissolved the way it did and try to work things out. If you are suffering from a breakup, putting yourself constantly in your ex’s face is really the last thing you need to be doing. Why?

Feelings are hurt; emotions are running high for both people who are suffering the breakup even the person who caused it. It’s not hard to make mistakes that could be costly in the long run.  When you are always together, you can’t work through your troubles.

If you want a positive outcome, you have to take a break. This means do away with all contact for about a month. While you take away, you can design a plan that will help figure out what to do next, get control of your emotions and let your ex figure out things for him or herself too.

When both of you take a break from each other, you both can think straight and see the situation clearly. You also won’t feel so stressed out when your ex is there with you. Should you be co-workers or in the same classes and need to speak, be civil, be nice but don’t get personal.

If you work through your emotions while you are away from your ex, you can recover from the breakup with little pain leftover. While the goal in the beginning was to win him or her back, it may not be like that in the end. When you take this one-month hiatus, you may discover that you are better without your ex. However, if you still want them at the end of it, you’ll have a better chance of winning them back.

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