Do You 'Still Love My Ex' and Want to Get Back Together?

Many people who have faced broken relationships find that they are actually still pretty much in love with their exes. As a result, a good number of such people are thinking of how they can restore their broken relationships. While it is indeed possible to get your ex back, you should understand how you can make this happen. Your renewed love will need to be more concentrated in order for it to pass the test of time.

If you 'still love my ex' then there are a number of things you will need to work on in order to avoid getting into a vicious cycle. Simply wanting your ex back because you are in love without working on the issues that caused the breakup in the first place may just make you go through a series of breakups.

Dissect your broken relationship

Before you build a new stronger relationship, you should take a hard look at your former relationship in order to determine what went wrong. It is not just a matter of pinpointing the mistakes that were done. You should also find out why those mistakes ended in a breakup. After all, people commit lots of mistakes, but they don't all end up this way.

This will help you to make a fresh start by building on a firmer base to ensure a stronger relationship. Ask yourself how you can make necessary improvements in order to steer clear of possible breakup once more.

Take things gradually

As much as you still love your ex and want to get back together as soon as possible, you should avoid being hasty. Let the wounds heal naturally without trying to push things. Otherwise, you will most likely face quite a strong resistance.

Look on the brighter side

No one enjoys being depressed, and if you think negatively, you will have quite a gloomy appearance. This will hardly attract your ex to get back with you. Show that being with you will bring the sunshine back in the life of your ex.

No one really enjoys the company of depressed individuals who will just drag them down the gloomy path. Instead, people enjoy the company of those they would clearly have a good time with.

Show your value

Now this does not mean walking around beating your chest. You just need to be an encouraging friend who considers the needs of your ex. In this way, you will not just show your value, but you will also make your ex feel valuable.

If you 'still love my ex', it's time you take appropriate steps that will bring a lasting healing. Visit, there are strategies you can learn to get back together and recapture his or her heart, mind and soul.