Do Nice Guys Really Finish Last?

014b9fa6a5e6de68322753628432b17f.jpg The concept of 'nice' keeps on changing from time to time. It is really worth mentioning that nice guys just like the sexy gals have more demand in reality…still, there is no hard and fast rule regarding this pre-conception. Making friendship or to end-up-with sexual action with the person from the opposite sex does not only depend upon the physical beauty or good behavior, but also relies largely on mental smartness and extreme urge for attaining your desired one.

From our common experience, we can say that a handsome guy can attract a young girl through his bright complexion, stylish hair, sharp eyes, muscular structure and several other features. Adding to all these, they do possess extra qualifications like smartness at the hour of requirement, ability to crack jokes at certain points to ward off monotony of life, sensuousness and most importantly, faithfulness in the core of hearts.

To evaluate whether a nice guy can end up making friendship or having sex, we need to segregate boys into two compartments: the first one who can successfully hook up and other one who can't. It would be wrong if we come into the conclusion right now that a nice guy can always finish at last, it is definitely not true; on the other hand, if we mention that nice guy can not succeed at all, we are creating a misconception about the so called 'nice guys'. So, to make it simple, there is no fixed rule, which can be applied to determine whether a nice guy comes at the end of the race. Still, we have an option wide open to discuss about the features that finishes at last.

There is no denying the fact that individual opinion cannot be taken granted as general; but to make a general opinion, fragmented individualized opinion have to be considered as a whole. Consider a blue-eyed boy with silky and spiky hair; when he opens his clothes, a stout feature comes out that reflects sinewy biceps and bony chest. Soothing smile added with mesmerizing stare compels every second person to fall in love…if these features are tinged with aesthetic dressing combination, they would become simply the heartthrob of any sexy girl. Style of expressing something, intellectuality and other mannerisms also earn attention of the loved ones. Style of walking, way of communication and last but not the least, his eagerness to make friendship with opposite sex is the criteria for coming up with flying colors in the game of dating.

Think of a boy with all the abovementioned features…do you think he would be able to capture attention of a girl at the first appearance? Probably YES and probably No!!! It may seem ridiculous, but is true to the deepest sense of the term. Actually, the power of catching attention of any new person does not only depend on the outward features, but also on the innate power. It is seen quite often that a man with ordinary looks can mould mind of a young girl through his power of communication, affability, openness and more. It is not that nice but shy guys will always come at the last in the race. But, it is happening to most of the nice guys…they meet women, but their extrovert friends take the cake away while they remain standing at the corner on their own, wondering ‘why the girls don’t look at me when they pass by?’ It is quite simple really…men are generally physically stronger than women and usually performs the job of earning money for the rest of the family. A smart and ebullient guy ooze confidence like no nice shy guy does and that attract the women to go for making love with them. Women get attracted to opposite sex due to ‘cockyness’ and dominating nature and then breaks up for the same reason and then repeats this cycle with another man. The thing is that women rarely comes out of their cocoon and advances for making love; but men have to take the initiative just like the matchstick is essential for creating great fire. This is why nice shy guy come last in the event of making love.

So, nice-guys will have to come forward leaving behind the tears of self-loathing and getting over their shyness. They are required to do something on their own. Prepare yourself for the right time and place, flash killing glances when any young girl stares at you and do not hesitate to interact with her. Keep your relationship growing through proper communication, know her likes and dislikes, and propose to carry your association for long. You can get two answers in turn – she might have fallen in love or may show unwillingness to continue. If she agrees with your proposal, carry on making love and enjoy the rest of your life; but if she denies your proposal, try your luck for another girl. Don’t be disheartened at all!

It will definitely work for you by getting turned down once in a while. Your key phrase should be like this…"getting hurt is much better than regretting for not taking any action on my own."

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