Discovering And Learning From Your Past Lives

4a81596cce6dc7cd527bab4e4d32f518.jpgToday I want to talk about past lives.  When I had my first past life memory, I didn’t realize what it was until about twenty years after the fact.  Many people who are psychic since childhood never know that what they’re experiencing is indeed their own talents coming to the surface, they just ignore it or puzzle over it.  

My first past life memory came to me when I was 12 years old.  I was always into that “hocus-pocus junk” as most adults around me called it, and I wanted to try some hypnotism with my friend.  I told her how to do it and gave her a script to read.

As I laid there on the bed I started feeling as if I was being pulled away from the present and began witnessing a scene so dramatic and detailed there was no possible way I could have made it up!  It was the mid-1700s in England.  I was a doctor and my name was Richard.  There was a horrible flu epidemic or some other illness going around and I was trying my best to help people.

I could see, hear, feel and smell everything around me.  I had my leather doctor’s bag.  It was worn and cracked with age.  Inside were clear bottles of these irregularly shaped pills and other tools of the trade.  I was riding a horse and buggy at night.  I could feel the cool temperature and fog around me.  I saw myself putting some type of paste on a man’s chest and putting cloth bandages over it.  I did all I could, but left knowing that another person would die from this horrible illness.  I was disgusted with “modern medicine” and went home only to find that my wife and daughter had passed away from it.

When I came out of the hypnosis session I thought what I had seen in my mind was really interesting, but didn’t know exactly what it was.  It greatly impressed me though since it has stayed with me as clear as if it just happened yesterday.

Have You Noticed This?

Are there periods in history that simply fascinate you or you feel connections to?  Perhaps you love reading about the Elizabethan era or WWII.  Maybe you almost feel like you’ve lived before in Ancient Greece or the Wild West.  Are you a natural at something?  Did you learn a musical instrument, painting, a sport or other activity with ease?  These are all memories imprinted in your soul from past lives.

If we are all born as a clean slate and have not been reincarnated, why would we all be so different?  Everyone on this planet has their own personality, their own likes and dislikes, their personal attractions to historical time periods, and hobbies.  To me, this is a clear indication of past life memories and talents coming through.


Take a moment to write down all the time periods that you find fascinating.  What hobbies do you currently enjoy or would like to try?  Have you had any dreams in which you were in the past?  Think about this for a bit and you’ll get a glimpse of some past lives.