Disappearing Act - Why Did She Leave Me?

You thought things were perfect, right?  So then, why did she leave you?  Understanding her reasoning may be what you need to patch up your breakup, and even make your relationship better.

Sadly, a relationship can become a monotonous travesty that goes nowhere.  If this was a reason for your girlfriend leaving you, take time to consider how to improve your relationship.  If you got into the habit of coming home from work and turning on the television while she made dinner, it’s likely you’re taking advantage of your relationship and letting it just become a part of life.  There are ways to prevent a relationship from becoming stagnant: surprise her with flowers, make her dinner or take her on a date that’s more special than just dinner and a movie (perhaps she mentioned she wanted to see the art exhibit that just opened).  Make her feel special and the center of your attention.

Do you hate it when she tells you what to do?  It’s very likely she feels the same way.  A relationship is built with two people working together towards the same goal.  If one of you dominates the other, he who plays the underdog is going to want to get out of that sort of situation.  If she left you, it’s likely you started becoming overbearing.  You may just be trying to protect her but she’s an adult, too, and can make her own choices.  Communication is definitely a way to fix this sort of blunder.  Tell her how you feel and she should be able to do the same. Trust her and she’ll respect you more.

If your ex immediately started seeing someone else after a breakup don’t take it as a slap in the face that you weren’t good enough for her.  It’s possible that, as you became more relaxed in your relationship, you started paying less attention to details that were important to her.  The likely reason she left you is because you stopped providing for her something that she needed, whatever that may be.  With women, it’s necessary to make them feel wanted, attractive and important.  If you’re failing at any or all of these she’s going to find someone that can fulfill those needs.  If you really want her back, consider what may have started disappearing from your relationship, and strive to bring it back.

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