John Spencer Ellis Online Careers, Jobs and Gigs for Digital Nomads and Entrepreneurs


John Spencer Ellis online training courses for nomads and careers for location independent workers. As our world becomes more and more connected by virtue of the internet and cheap airfare, our collective desire to experience new horizons is growing in ways we’ve never seen before.






Our ideals are changing- fast


Where once the pinnacle of “success” meant nailing down a decent job with a good salary and a stable contract, to many people “stability” now translates to hindrance. What we’re now seeing is a movement of people prepared to sacrifice stability for the unpredictable and pack in their office job to pursue something more flexible- and empowering.


The beauty that attracts most to the digital nomad careers and life is the ability to live in exotic destinations replete with sugary-white-sanded beaches and coconut palm trees swaying in the wind, or even bustling global metropolises halfway around the world, places that have a lower cost-of-living but a higher overall quality of life. But it's not just about the cheaper costs for most, it's about the new experiences and relationships created while moving from country to country.