Different Types of Orthodox Church Lecterns Available For Purchase

In an Orthodox Christian church, the church lectern is an important piece of furniture which is used for specific purposes. Before going ahead and purchasing an Orthodox Church lectern, take a few minutes to understand its purposes and the various choices that are available at your favorite store for Orthodox Christian supplies.

Purpose of Church Lecterns

An Orthodox Church lectern is the stand on which the Gospel Book or an icon are placed for veneration by the devout. A lectern can also be used to place liturgical books that clergy members read from during divine services. There is a separate type of lectern called the kliros which is a stand placed at the choir section of the church, on which music notes are stored and read from by chanters.

Analogian and Kliros Styles

Most church lecterns follow the Analogian style featuring a slanted stand which makes it easier for the person standing in front to see the revered icon or book. However, you can also find lecterns with flat tops if that’s what you need. Kliros stands are usually round or multi-sided to facilitate proper viewing from all sides. Orthodox lecterns are available in two basic choices – wood and brass. Some of them can be folded so that they can be moved around without too much difficulty.

Lecterns Made From Wood

Church lecterns made from wood are available in both simple and elaborate designs. The simplest folding lecterns feature plain construction, are light weight and cost a few hundred dollars. The most elaborate ones are made from solid wood and feature attractive adornments such as rich carvings, gold plating and lacquering. They can weigh more than a hundred kilograms and cost up to ten thousand dollars or more. Between these two extremities, there are many options available at different price points.

Lecterns Made From Brass

Brass church lecterns are a traditional choice and are a sight to behold, reminding onlookers of an era of grandeur and extravagance. They are made by expert craftsmen and available in many traditional designs and sizes. The price of brass lecterns can range from around a thousand dollars to over twelve thousand dollars. The most elaborate pieces feature exquisite decoration including crosses, gold gilding, carving, lacquering and enamel. Many of them are made in Russia, so you can be sure of their authenticity and high quality.

Lecterns Made From Modern Materials

There is another option for customers looking for lecterns made from metal. Istok Church Supplies offers church lecterns fashioned from water-resistant plywood and stainless steel covered with titanium nitrine. Although the materials are modern, the designs are traditional and the final products contain many traditional touches such as enamel, brass and carvings. These church lecterns are a cost-effective alternative to lecterns made completely from brass and do not compromise on traditional appearance.

Consider Bespoke Order

No matter which type of church lectern you are interested in, it’s important that the final product is the perfect fit for your church and users. There are tens of products to choose from and Istok Church Supplies mentions the dimensions to help customers make informed decisions. However, if you would like to place a custom order with your preferred dimensions or design details, Istok Church Supplies will try to honor your request.

With an extensive selection of high quality church furniture items available in traditional designs and at affordable prices, Istok Church Supplies is the best place to shop for your next church lectern!