Dialing Drunk After a Breakup - Avoiding Drunk Dialing

You’re going to want to call your ex...don’t make that call. Here's some reasons why.


The day after a breakup could certainly be considered one of the worst days of your life.  It’s going to be the first day you can’t send a text message telling your ex how much you love him.  The full impact of what it means to now be separated from your now ex is going to hit you with full force and you’re going to want to do something to ease the pain.  You’re going to sit near your phone, rocking back and forth with tear stained cheeks with dry sobs racking your chest every so often and you’re going to want to call your ex.  Don’t make that call.

When you succumb to the emotions driving you to call your ex, you are dialing drunk, in a sense.  You don’t have the motor skills to drive yourself through a competent conversation with your ex.  You’re judgment is gone because you already feel like you’re at the bottom of the bottomless pit but you’d be amazed at how much further you could fall if you make the mistake of Drunk Dialing.

Drunk Dialing is basically not having control over your own actions.  Much like a drunk driver is more at risk of causing an accident; drunk dialing is likely to make things worse between you and your ex.  A phone call under these following circumstances counts as drunk dialing: a little (or more) consumption of alcohol, late night, emotionally stressed and/or no plan on what you’re going to say.  If you make this phone call, you’re going to appear desperate and week, lost and hopeless, helpless and too dependent.  None of these characteristics appeal to your ex.  It’s best to just avoid them.

Even if you don’t want to get back with your ex, falling victim to drunk dialing is going to keep you tied down to your feelings about your ex.  It’s going to be hard to move on if you continue to keep that line open.  If you want to get back with your ex, you need to lose any temptation that might lead you to call your ex under any of those circumstances mentioned above.  If you avoid temptation you’re going to have a better chance at whatever you choose to do.  Visit http://www.squidoo.com/discover-magic-of-making-up, there is hope to get your ex back and recapture his or her heart, mind and soul.