So i was just talking to tox the other day and decided to ask some \o/fanboymode\o/ questions. I imagine some other people are wondering the same things about him as well. They're a bit random since they're coming from me and aren't collected from anywhere.


Q: you said in an interview you enjoy playing vs cypher? Any particular reason?
A: Yeah it's because I tend to have a easy time reading what he will do, but that doesnt help always anyway :) he plays a bit different then the other abc timing people. he likes to double back and come back for fight when he wanna make u feel that he went away. If you are prepared for that style, its nice.


Q: what do u think about evil? it seems like nobody can beat evil atm, and he almost beat rapha at qcon. how do you do against him?
A: hes good, he plays very aggresive. usual in prac i play close matches with him, he plays also a bit differently. Since he likes to rush alot with lg, the good thing is if u aim well and have a bit of luck on ur side vs evil or cypher they can give away alot of frags whereas cooller, ash, rapha, kook etc they play more abc timing and +back


Q: which is better you think? abc +back or evil/cypher style or I guess I should ask, which do you think best fits you?
A: (evil/cypher's style) ...does only work if u are that good with aim in all situation. evil can do it cause of lg. cypher do it cause he hit good rl's and can get into game because of it. But both are very emotional. So I prefer playing vs them if I would play in a tournament. Since they can have red cheeks after 1 min into game if you hit some rails but then again its not easy vs any :)


Q: Thoughts on the new maps in the pool? (Toxicity/Cure/Sinister)
A: sinister is ok, the other sucks i suppose. atleast toxicity and pretty sure cure isnt that good either


Q: Are you better now then u were at previous dreamhack and qcon 2011 (which you played at)?
A: not sure, i wasnt that focused on dreamhack since we played online and not on lan. I was pretty tilted about the whole thing. quakecon felt pretty good, but i got sick during the event and played shit vs cooller in the quarter. Was sick 3 weeks after it as well. =)


Q: Attending DHW?
A: I have applied, I'll go if I get in.


Q: can win? :D

A: i dont feel its a possibility nowdays, im not as good anymore, but top 3 would be good i suppose.


Q: Have you played Delirium?
A: no i havnt played it ,and i dont wanna learn more shit maps then i have to :)



sp: wow. I just closed this window and lost all that text =\

tox:  ;)