Developing Your Intuition - You Are Psychic!

It doesn't take a lot of time or so-called special gifts to tap into your natural psychic abilities. We are all psychic and by following a few exercises you can discover yours!


91b88886a4cf598bc19f79ce0d19b074.jpgI’ve been a professional psychic counselor and spiritual advisor for over 20 years.  I’ve been psychic since a child.  Of course, I wasn’t aware of it at the time and was always just considered a weird kid with an over-active imagination.  I would get feelings about people whom I had never met and places I had never been to before.  It was a sense of knowing how they felt and what they were thinking.  I would witness scenes in my mind that were so clear, and yet lasted only the briefest of seconds.  It was always strange to experience, but I would just shrug and go back to what I was doing.

As a child I loved to go for long rides in the car.  I would look at people in other cars or look at the houses as we went by and very often I would connect with the people there, receiving a tremendous amount of information.  I know this now, but didn’t then.  I was told I was just making up stories.  I remember telling my mother once as I saw a woman in the car next to us, “That lady’s really sad.  Her dad died and she misses him.”  My mom just sort of laughed and gave me that look I was so used to seeing.  A look that said, “I love you, kid, but you’re really weird!”

I also remember being born.  All through my life if I ever got into a shower or the air was warm and humid I would get a really odd feeling that would scare me.  I could vaguely see in my mind darkness all around then light coming toward me.  I’m very warm and wet then I’m instantly cold and scared to death.  I then feel someone hold me and wrap me in a warm blanket.  Let me tell you, being born into an earth body is very traumatic!  No wonder we have so much trouble dealing with life here on the earth plane.  Not until my adult years did I realize that the distant, foggy memories and feelings I had were of my birth.

I have memories of lying in my bassinet during my first weeks of life.  I would look all around at this “box” I was in and hate being in it.  I remember my mother holding me and singing to me.  So, I was lucky enough to be aware of things right from the start.  I think perhaps I was reincarnated too quickly and still had some awareness due to my life right before this one.  I don’t think that remembering my birth actually had any bearing on my life in general or on my psychic abilities.  Then again, I do feel it helped me to be more observant of my environment and the people in it.  

Have You Noticed This?

At any time in your life have you been near someone, gone into a room, or walked by a building and feel a strong sensation or perhaps even see brief flashes in your mind?  Perhaps you felt sad or anxious, saw colors or a scene in your mind.  It may have been easy to let the sensation go but looking back on it now, you can probably see how it was actually your intuition surfacing.  One way you can tell that this is a psychic ability and not just your imagination is that episodes like this tend to stick with us, no matter how many years pass by.  


Next time you’re in line at the grocery store, looking through books at the library, or any other place where you have some time on your hands, focus on someone who catches your eye and see if you pick up any information.  Of course, you don’t want to stare and make it obvious that you find them intriguing, but do try to focus on the energy they’re giving off.  As soon as you have a chance, write your experience down in a notebook.  What sensations did you get?  Did any words, feelings, or pictures come to you?  Don’t worry about being “right or wrong” just let your intuition guide you.  

This is an excellent activity to practice at the mall, although some may find it hard to concentrate with so many people walking around.  There’s always a lot of energy at malls!  If you can, grab a coffee at a nearby stand, have a seat, take out your notebook and look around until someone grabs your attention.  Once they do, write about them.  What do they “feel” like to you?  What is their home life like?  What are they worrying about?  What makes them happy?  What tragedies and triumphs have they had?  

Again, although this exercise seems like your solely tapping into your imagination, creativity and psychic abilities are closely related.  You’re giving yourself permission to release your powers of intuition.  Have fun!