Director Kim Mokyung Kim's thoughts on "Beryl," a field-of-view mistake

DRX lost to Hanwha Life Esports 1:2 at the SatDay Showdown. It was a crucial matchup for both teams looking to bounce back, but unfortunately for DRX, they couldn't carry the momentum of their two-set win to the end.


Coach Kim Mok-kyung visited the press room for the post-match interview and expressed hope despite the disappointment. "We had only one day to prepare, but we did as much as we could. I think the players showed their preparation to some extent in the match," Kim said, encouraging the team. He concluded by saying that while the loss was heartbreaking, the team gained a lot from the game.


When asked what he was most disappointed with during the match, he said "positioning during the Elder Dragon fight". He added that the in-game communication between players, which was always mentioned as a problem, has been much improved compared to before. Even though they lost today, he said that they showed a well-organized performance in both the first and third sets. He was especially disappointed with the positioning of the Elder Dragon fight in the third set.


Lastly, Kim was asked about the fact that 'Beryl' was often cut off by herself while controlling the field of view. In response, Kim Mok-kyung said, "In the case of 'Beryl,' she's been with us since her debut. She had that problem at the time and still has it now," but she also defended Beryl, saying, "She is well aware of it and is always trying to fix it."


"No athlete is perfect, and Beryl is no different. But I think Beryl has already proven herself in her career. She's trying to fix herself, and if you keep pointing out those things, 스포츠토토 you're going to undermine her many strengths."