2023 WCG Ballantine Challengers Korea Stage 2 Finals, 3-day event

The winner of the 2023 WCG VALORANT Challengers Korea Stage 2 will be crowned.


BIGPICTURE Interactive (CEO Kwangjun Song, "BIGPICTURE"), a global esports company, announced today that the Stage 2 finals of the 2023 WCG Valorant Challengers Korea, the Korean regional competition for Valorant, the 5v5 character-based tactical shooter from Riot Games (CEO Hyukjin Cho, "Cho"), 토토 will take place on March 3.


The 2023 WCG Ballantine Challengers Korea Stage 2 playoffs were held over a two-week double-elimination format with six teams advancing from the regular season.


The first team to qualify for the finals through the playoffs was Dplus KIA. In the winner's bracket final against Maru Gaming, Dplus KIA secured a spot in the final with a 2:0 sweep, including a 13:10 Lotus in game one and a 13:11 Ascent in game two.


Dplus KIA will face SLT Seongnam for the final championship. Against Maru Gaming, who came down from the winners' bracket, SLT Seongnam secured a two-set victory with a 14:12 first-set fracture and 13:8 second-set accent, 사설토토 setting the stage for the final.


After suffering their first loss in the third set, 12:10, SLT Seongnam rebounded with a dominant 13:3 victory in the fourth set split to advance to the final.


SLT Seongnam, who competed under the team name RIO in the previous Stage 1, lost 3:0 to Dplus KIA in the Stage 1 final, and it will be interesting to see if Dplus KIA can follow up their Stage 1 win with a victory in Stage 2.


The final match of WCG Ballantine Challengers Korea Stage 2 will be held at Level Up Studios in Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, with no spectators.


There will also be live viewer events to celebrate the final. The 30 winners of the final team poll on WCG's official website will be selected to receive one of the following products: Valorant Slim Tumbler, Valorant Knee Blanket, Valorant Cap Hat, or Valorant Changing Pad.


The 2023 WCG Valorant Challengers Korea is co-hosted by Big Picture's global esports brand WCG and Riot Games, and will offer a total prize pool of KRW 75 million in Stage 2, with the eventual winner earning the right to represent Korea at the Ascension Pacific Tournament.


The 2023 WCG Valorant Challengers Stage 2 playoffs will be streamed live on the official WCG and Valorant channels and Naver Sports, 스포츠토토 and more information can be found on the official Instagram account.