DRX partners with custom chair brand SizeOf

DRX and customizable chair brand SizeOf announce official partnership to collaborate.


DRX, a global esports company, today announced a partnership with SizeOf, a brand specializing in 1:1 personalized chairs.


DRX has proven its prowess by winning the 2022 World Championship, 성인웹툰 the highest stage of League of Legends esports. The gaming gear used by DRX players has also generated a lot of buzz.


Size Orb is a brand that produces customized computer chairs in 1.5 cm increments, with more than 29,000 possible cases. In April, the company was awarded the Excellence Award in the office chair category of the 2023 KCIA Korea Consumer Industry Assessment in the interior sector.


As part of the partnership, SiveOff will be the official gaming chair partner of DRX and will sponsor 1:1 customized chairs for the players. DRX players will wear jerseys with the Size Orb logo beginning with the 2023 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) Summer Season, 일본야동 which is set to kick off this June, to further enhance the value of both brands.


DRX and Size Orb will also present various events and joint marketing activities through this partnership. As part of the brand marketing, DRX plans to develop licensed products using DRX IP and conduct active marketing activities to various consumer groups, including promotions targeting esports fans.


SizeOf CEO Lee Dong-jin said, "I was very impressed by DRX's story last year. With DRX's unbreakable spirit of challenge, we will create the best gaming chair to help DRX players maintain their top-notch performance," said Lee, expressing his excitement for the partnership.


"We believe that SizeOf's custom chairs, which are highly technologically advanced and meticulously crafted, 한국야동 will help DRX players stay healthy and improve their performance," said Choi Sang-in, CEO of DRX.