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I am in someones good books

Dudes, buy this now for your women. You will not regret it, she is so confident and happy and my life is better too. Lol.

Stephanie - Verified Buyer


Oh My Word

Jip that is all I can say - OH MY WORD -- love it and love my curls.

Anel - Verified Buyer


Amazing - It works like a charm!

Ill be honest, I'm blonde and the stereotypical blonde. I couldn't figure out how to work this device with the left and right thing, so I watched the tutorial on the website and slowly went through it and got it. Give it up for video am I right? I've got it now and it's so simple and easy to use, even a blonde like me can use it now.

Sacha - Verified Buyer


How have I gone so long without CurlyQueen in my life

I am not the most timely girl, I love to snooze my alarm. Now I can have those 5 extra minutes of sleep time because on the way to work I use my CurlyQueen in the car.

Lee-Ann - Verified Buyer


Could I be any happier

Excuse the F.R.I.E.N.D.S reference but it's honestly how I feel. I am so happy with my hair curler and take it everywhere with me, it's that compact.

Chenel - Verified Buyer


Always with me

I absolutely love the fact that I can take my CurlyQueen with me, to work or leave it in my car, it's small enough to fit into the glove compartment. I love it.

Astried - Verified Buyer

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