Smoothing Point Welding Machine

Electrotechnotech spot welding machine or car body welding machine has been designed and produced with a variety of production in different powers and according to the customer’s needs, suitable for all car smoothing processes.

Features of electrotechnotech smoothing spot welding machine

It has a powerful transformer and a long lifespan

Light weight and easy portability by wheel base

Easy maneuvering of the machine tools by 2 meter cables and light welding guns

Very easy to use and Persian settings panel used for beginners

It has a balancer and a balancer base to increase maneuverability and facilitate the movement of cables and guns

It has an analog and digital control board for precise control of the welding flow and heat treatment with the least effect on the car body

Options of the smoothing point welding machine

The possibility of installing a pneumatic movement system including air jack, solenoid valve, wind control unit, speed control, all necessary hoses and connections

Digital weld controller timer along with heat sink pack accessories, thyristor and power switch

C-shaped arms in four sizes

X-shaped arm with different lengths

The possibility of designing and manufacturing holders, shaped and special electrodes for various parts

Additional connecting pliers in two models

Pneumatic suction

Water cooling unit

Balancer and balancer base

Standard parts and accessories of the car body welding machine

The components and elements of the دستگاه نقطه جوش صافکاری حرفه ای are different according to its model. But in general, the standard components of this type of smoothing point welding devices are as follows:


Metal body and wheel bases

Analog or digital control panel

2 meter cable

Connection pliers and one-way welding gun

Consumable tool bag

Applications in

The electrotechnotec smoothing spot welding machine can be used in all car body repair workshops (smoothing) as a car body welding machine and all similar industries in terms of efficiency and the following description:

The possibility of two-sided and one-sided spot welding in a mobile manner (such as a mobile spot welding machine )



Welding all kinds of washers, studs, pins, bolts and welding nuts on the car body

Heat treatment and sleeper bite

Two-way and one-way smoothing point welding machine, with new technology of colorless smoothing and grinding, for use in car body repair workshops (smoothing), equipped with:

Farsi digital control panel

Complete tool bag

Pneumatic welding gun and additional arms for welding different parts of the car

Suitable for all Iranian and foreign cars

The only internally manufactured device with ISAC approval