Why is Metal Roofing Called “Cool Roofing”?

Rising global temperatures and increasing energy costs signify a pressing need to invent alternatives that would help conserve the environment. Roofs or roofing sheets aren’t an exception to it. Metal roofing sheets have emerged as an intelligent alternative in this regard. Let’s see how.

Cooling Effect of Metal Roofing Sheets

Since metals take on the scorching sun every moment, they significantly impact the structure’s temperature underneath. Conventional roofing sheets that absorb heat raise the room’s temperature under them. Thus, keeping the room cool incurs more effort costs and electricity. 

But that’s not the case with metal roofing sheets. Unlike their traditional counterparts, metal roofing sheets reflect the sun’s heat and rays. When you use a thin layer of metallic insulation, the heat transferred from the roof into the attic is substantially reduced.

As a result, the structure underneath remains cool. It requires a lesser amount of electricity to stay cool. In many cases, metal roofing has helped reduce cooling costs by about eight to 25 percent. On an annual scale, it refers to significant savings for the homeowner as well as industrialists.

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