Top Parameters of Convent Schools in Chandigarh

Every parent wants to send their child to the best school to learn and grow. Chandigarh is a beautiful place and one finds top educational institutes as well where students can get a great environment to enrich them. There are numerous convent schools in Chandigarh which are known to render world-class education to the children and prepare them for their future endeavors. Parents who desire to give the finest education to their children want to get admission to top convent schools.

Some of the premium convent schools of Chandigarh are Brookfield International School, St. Stephens School, Tender Heart School and many more. Parents are free to select any as per their choice and preference. However to get more details and information like how to get admission, fees, course contents and more it is suggested to visit the website and read more online. 

Here, we have discussed top parameters that make convent school so popular and desired:


Fluent English

Parents are eager to get their students admitted to convent schools because the child gets to learn and speak fluent English, as course and lessons are delivered in English making them confident and fluent in the language.


Dedicated Teachers

The staff and faculties are highly qualified and experienced. With dedicated teachers, it is smooth to teach students from various backgrounds and knowledge. Moreover, students are made to learn through activities that are fun and give long-lasting impressions.



While searching for convent schools, parents also look for the type of curriculum followed. These can be both CBSE and ICSE. The popular schools following the CBSE curriculum are Carmel Convent School, St. Anne’s Convent School, Brookfield International School and many more. Besides, schools with ICSE curriculum are St. Stephens School, Tender Heart School and many more.


Superb Facilities

Top schools rendering the finest education in Chandigarh boasts of premium facilities as well. These include big and spacious classrooms, well-maintained labs for computers and science to carry out the practicals with ease. Also, there are numerous sports facilities as well. The auditorium is also present where various functions can be done seamlessly. The library is huge with plenty of books to read and learn. There is a safe drinking water facility, neat and clean washrooms.



Every parent wants their child should be safe in school. For complete security, there are numerous CCTV cameras installed not only on the school premises but also in the classrooms.


Inclusive Attention

Importance to individual attention is given and teachers make sure that every child learns most effectively and productively. Every student is encouraged to participate in various school activities for the complete development of the personality.


Co-curricular Activities

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. And this is what has been included in schools and due importance has been given to co-curricular activities like theatre, painting, dancing, aerobics, sports and more among which students can select any as per their choice and preference.


So, go ahead get your child admission in one of the top convent schools in Chandigarh and give your child a bright and successful future ahead.