Benefits of Cold Pressed Dog Food

From our beginning we have used an holistic approach to our dog food - getting more from less with an eye to not only our customers but also our neighbours and successors.

Unlike many of our competitors that emphasise their latest marketing gimmicks, we deliberately do not over supply precious ingredients and nutrients from far flung and apparently exotic countries, to name a few - quinoa, spelt, sorghum, buckwheat, sweet potato, wild rice, white and brown rice, tapioca etc, none of which are grown in the UK, so carry a massive carbon footprint from all around the world.

Many of those precious nutrients, if supplied in excess, impact a strain on the metabolism of the dog and must be excreted and hence, wasted. We use locally produced ingredients to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum, with less food miles to help our local environment.


Our cold pressed dog food is nutrious and tasty!