Compassion in Customer Service

Deliver outstanding customer service with compassion at its core. Learn how to connect empathetically, understand customer needs, and exceed expectations. Discover the power of compassion in customer service.

At Bonfire Training, we’ve delivered customer service training to our fair share of companies and organizations. (And by “fair share,” we mean, A LOT.)


While it’s true that the products and services differ across customer service organizations and call centers, we’ve seen variables and constants that cross all industries.


The most common and obvious constant is that compassion in customer service representatives are interacting with customers, clients, patients, consumers, members, or end-users. The most significant variable is, of course, the products and services being discussed.

It’s Not About the Fries

A few years back, one of our trainers was delivering compassion in customer service training to a popular fast-food company. While coaching staff in handling incoming calls, a call arrived from a very distraught customer that was near tears.


It seems this customer was having one of those days where nothing went their way. Everything fell short of their expectations, and they were looking forward to chowing down on her favorite fast food meal. When they left the drive-thru, however, they discovered there were no fries in the sack.

Showing Compassion

Would shifting perspectives have changed how the interaction was handled? Absolutely. Though appreciated, coupons for future free meals have little impact on the immediate situation.


While you cannot teleport fries, you can teleport understanding through your words and tone of voice.

Let upset customers know that you “get it.” The sooner they hear your validating words and tone, the sooner they are soothed, and the better the outcome for both company and customer.


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