This is how to buy wedding jewelry. Teach you how to choose wedding jewelry.


On the wedding day, the bride needs to wear wedding jewelry, not only for decoration, but also to bring good luck to her married life. However, it is also wise to buy jewelry worn by the bride. So how to buy wedding jewelry?

Golden Chapter

1. The meaning of buying gold

Buying goldware is a wish for the newlyweds to be stronger in love than gold, so gold is one of the indispensable betrothal gifts for people when they get married.

2. Buy “in pairs”

It is best to buy gold jewelry in "pairs", which means "pairs". For example, if you want to buy a pair of gold bracelets, the first choice is dragon and phoenix bracelets, 戶外證婚場地 which have the beautiful meaning of dragon and phoenix presenting good fortune.

3. Wear it on your wedding day

It is best for the bride to wear the gold jewelry given by the groom's family at the time of engagement on the wedding day. In traditional concepts, the more ornaments a bride wears, the more honorable her family is, and the more favor and blessings the bride will receive.

4. Pay attention to maintenance

Gold has a soft texture and is easily scratched and deformed during daily wear, so newcomers should pay more attention to maintenance when wearing gold.

5. Has collection value and value preservation function

Gold itself has a certain value-preserving function, so if it is not worn daily, it can be collected. At the same time, gold also has the value of commemoration and inheritance, and can be passed on to the next generation in the future, giving it a more special meaning and sense of ceremony.


1.K gold or platinum

K gold and platinum are currently the more common materials for diamond rings. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Couples can decide which one to choose based on their own circumstances.

2. Buy a cost-effective diamond ring

There are many types and brands of diamond rings on the market. When purchasing a diamond ring, you must do more research in advance to avoid buying a substandard or too expensive diamond.

3. About the precepts

Compared with diamond rings, wedding rings are more suitable for daily wear. The rings are mainly decorated with plain rings and simple diamonds. When choosing, the shape of the couple’s fingers should be mainly taken into consideration. If the fingers are thick, it is suitable to wear a wide and thick ring, which will look more elegant and make the fingers look thinner. On the contrary, slender fingers are suitable for wearing a thinner and more elegant ring.

The above is related to the purchase of wedding jewelry. I hope the newlyweds can choose suitable and satisfactory wedding jewelry.


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