Cloud Storage Security : Are you using the right Document Management System?

Document Management System is a simple and intuitive document storage platform that sorts out and secures records.




If you are in business, be it a small, medium or a large enterprise, you already know the importance of data and the power it gives you to run your business. The data you collect can be raw but you can then analyze and interpret it to extract the right information and it thus becomes one of your precious assets. Earlier businesses used to document their data on paper which was the primary medium of storage. However, as technology advanced we started storing data on our computers which reduced the trouble of handling and managing data and gave us a quick mechanism to access it and use it to our advantage. Nowadays, with further advancement in technology, utilities such as cloud storage services have made it possible for businesses to carry on with their operations involving the use of data with ease and efficiency.

However, every kind of technology has some negative aspects associated with it and even cloud storage systems were not spared. The data that you feed into these systems has a lot of threats and vulnerable data means a vulnerable business. And you wouldn’t want that, do you? But thanks to other effective cloud storage utilities such as a Document Management System which helps in securing your business data and relieves you of the stress regarding its safety.

To give you a clear idea about the threats related to cloud storage, let’s discuss a bit about them.


The Threats to your Cloud Data:

Breach of Data:

Cloud storage systems keep a record of a huge database and are highly vulnerable and thus become an easy target. The vulnerability of the data depends on how sensitive is the data to the organization. Organizations store a lot of data concerning finance, legal documents and other highly important documents on these cloud server systems.

When there is an activity of a data breach, then all this information can get exposed and can also fall into the wrong hands thus negatively affecting your business. Also, you might have to incur charges or would face lawsuits depending on the situation. The damage that is caused to your brand can be another major setback and it could be difficult for you to recover the brand’s image.


A Hijacked Account:

Another problem that you may face while using these cloud systems is that of hijacking of your cloud account. Phishing is an activity by hackers to obtain your sensitive data such as usernames, password, account information etc by posing as a trustworthy entity. Hackers can thus have access to your data, can manipulate it, also modify transactions and much more.

Thus, you need to be very careful with respect to hijacking and should think through before sharing the credentials of your accounts and should monitor every document and its activity closely.


Insider Threat:

There is a saying which points out that empire fall more often not because of external threats but because of decay from within. This statement is true in the case of your business too! Your business is more vulnerable when an employee or any person who has the access to sensitive information turns against you due to some grievances or some other issues and makes use of this information in order to cause harm to the company. He can manipulate data, share trade secrets with competitors or even expose very sensitive information thus negatively affecting your business.

Thus, it is recommended that you keep a track of the activities where sensitive information is handled by your employees. However, you should not forget that accidents can happen from your employees and thus it is essential to give proper training regarding this issue to prevent accidents.


A Permanent loss of Data:

Another headache that you could have is due to the permanent loss of your data. Though the cloud storage systems have improved, hackers can still find a way into your system if it is not properly protected. Thus, once they hack into your system, they can permanently delete you're the data on your cloud storage to cause harm to your business.

Thus, it is recommended to distribute your data over various zones and monitor them effectively so that you know what is the status of your data at all times giving you a better chance at tackling this issue. Permanently losing your data can do a lot of damage to your business and it is your duty to prevent this from happening. Thus, using the right Document Management System for your business is very essential.

Essential Features of effective Document Manager Systems:

  • In order to protect your data from any kind of malicious activity it is advisable to use the most effective document manager which allows you to store your documents in an organized manner and also provides security to your data.


  • These document managers make use high password strength requisites, allow resets, limited number of logins etc.


  • They also are equipped with Granular Authorization which have permission levels thus ensuring you of the fact that individuals are provided with only that information that is necessary for them to know and nothing more.


  • These systems have an option of protecting your presentations and documents with passwords.


  • Document manager systems also employ Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) / Transport Layer Security (TLS) on your data which is transmitted between the server and your computers.


  • With these systems, both your in-flight and at-rest data is encrypted thus giving you the right kind of security for all forms of data.

By now you would have a clear understanding about how cloud storage systems can be targeted to get access your business data and cause it harm. Thus, it is your responsibility to choose the right document manager and storage system that will secure your data and thus your business and prevent all activities that are conducted to harm it.