Cleaning Car Stains

This article suggests practical cleaning auto interior diy tips.


Your car is susceptible to stains because of all the eating and drinking done there. You have to pay special attention to avoiding spills. It is best not to eat in the car, but sometimes that is unavoidable.

If your car upholstery is leather, then it is easier to clean and will not be bothered by stains or mold. However, if you have a car that has cloth upholstery, then you have to learn different cleaning techniques to keep your car cleaner.

If the stain is ink related, never rub it because that will only make the stain get larger and harder to clean. To begin, blot the ink stained area, then use hairspray on the stain (only a small amount) and then let it stay for a few minutes. Use a clean white towel to dry the area. Repeat this as much as you need to. You can also use rubbing alcohol to clean the ink from your car upholstery. However, instead of using a cloth, use a cotton swap and dip it in the rubbing alcohol and then apply to stained ink area. After that you should use a clean cloth to wipe it off.

From time to time, you may get lipstick on your car upholstery if you are woman driver or carry women passengers. You can use white toothpaste that does not have gel on the area and then wipe it off with a damp cloth.
For extreme cases of battery acid staining your car upholstery, you can use baking soda and water on the spot immediately to remove it. Leave that on for about two hours or more and then wipe it with damp, but clean cloth. Repeat this method if after two hours the stain is still there. If you still see the stain, you can use commercial car upholstery cleaner to remove it entirely.

You can create your own cleaning solution for your car upholstery by mixing a half-teaspoon of dishwashing liquid detergent into a quarter cup of warm water. Use a mixer to beat the solution until there are a lot of suds. Use the soapy suds to clean the upholstery. Use some clear water to rinse it off and then let it dry thoroughly.

With children, comes the dreaded task for cleaning crayon marks on your car upholstery. This can be removed by first scraping any excess crayon marks with a dull knife or spoon. Spray the area with WD40 and let it stay for a few minutes. Use a small brush to scrub the stain and then wipe the area with a clean paper towel. If it has not been removed, you can repeat the process over again.

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