Choosing your Boston wedding photographer

So I thought I would give some insight from a wedding photographers perspective on how you should go about selecting whom you want to take your wedding photos on the big day.


So I thought I would give some insight from a Boston wedding photographers perspective on how you should go about selecting whom you want to take your wedding photos on the big day.

This can feel like a tough challenge and finding a good match is essential with regards to the end result. I would recommend starting your search early and having a good idea of what it is you want from your wedding photographer in Boston. Remember on the actual day you will be spending a lot of time with your chosen photographer so getting someone you can work with will make the memories of your day so much better.

To start then you should first consider the style of photography that you wish to have your day captured in. These days there is not just one style of wedding photography. Traditional wedding photography is no longer the only type and long gone are the days of formal group shots filling your wedding album. Traditional still has a place but now photojournalist photography and fashion photography are forcing their way firmly onto the scene. I for example shoot an editorial style of wedding photography in Boston. This takes in both a documentary aspect from photojournalism with some traditional posed shots that I’m always looking to keep fresh without producing images that will quickly date.

Your budget will then come into affect as you then look for photographers that are within range of what you have set. Your wedding photography budget may seem like something you are tempted to cut back on, but it will be what you look back on in the coming years and down the line to remember your day by. Always go for the best photographer and remove any package additions you don’t need. You can always add on things like albums later and they can make very good presents from guests at your wedding.

Some questions then that you may want to ask yourself and your photographer before deciding:

1. Have you seen enough of their work? You should be asking to view images from complete weddings they have shot in the past and not just view there online portfolios and get a complete idea of what you can expect.

2. What should I include in my wedding package? Each photographer offers a little something different but the fundamentals will be similar. Sit down and write out the main things that you want from your photographer, be it an engagement shoot beforehand, reprint rights to your photos or your album choices after and go through this list with your prospective photographers.

3. Who owns the copyright to the photographs? These belong to the photographer who took your images. This doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to make copies of the photos however. Most photographers including myself often include the option to purchase the reprint rights to your photographs so that you may make copies of them whenever you want. The restrictions normally are that you cannot use these images commercially.

4. When should I sign the wedding photography contract? Once you feel happy with your choice of photographer you should sign the contract as soon as possible. Without signing the contract Boston wedding photographers are unlikely to keep that date saved for you and it could mean that the photographer of your choice takes another booking for that day. A nonrefundable deposit at the time of signing is normally expected to reserve this day as the Boston wedding photographer is putting this date aside for you and turning down further opportunities of work.

5. What should be included in the contract? The names of the bride and groom as well as the photographer should be included in the contract along with contact information for all. The contract should also include at the very least information regarding; The all locations during the wedding day, Any on the day requirements for actual photographs (normally groups shots or individuals) or photographer requirements such as food provision or breaks. The package choices you have made along with itemized billing details for these, The copyright policy regarding the images and what reprint rights you will have on them, The deposit amount and when this and the final payments are to be made, Any cancellation policy and if refunds are available.

6. Will it be the person I have met that will photograph my Boston wedding? I personally shoot every Boston wedding that I book and while this will be the case most of the time, there are larger Boston wedding photography organizations or studios that have a number of photographers associated. If this is the case then make sure that you meet the actual person that will be covering your day to check for compatibility. I hope that this has helped a little in providing some insight into how to go about booking your Boston wedding photographer. If you are interested in booking me for coverage of you Boston wedding, then please get in touch via the contact page on my website and I look forward to hopefully hearing some of the questions above from you soon.