Childhood memory: two research shows why one should change the teaching meth...

Besides being good news for the police, and bad for criminals, new knowledge about the memory of the children also will have influence in the classroom.


The findings in the context of these two investigations will be used to generate educational techniques and modify some of those currently applied in schools.
Our findings will contribute to achieving a critical review of the textbooks used in education and other learning materials provided in connection with the age at which introduces the concepts of time and context in which they show, he said in an interview with Yael Orbach, head of research conducted at the University of Bethesda, in the United States.

The scientist stressed the importance that children are familiar with the terminology used to explain how events unfold over time. He added that frequent practice is necessary so they can use these concepts correctly time when they explain their own experiences.

In his view, such exercises are important for kids to achieve longer narratives generate, reconstruct past experiences, recounting the events in chronological order and make working on what happened.

And found that one of the techniques used in his institute for information of children could earn a place in the classroom, as a tool to improve memory.

Kim Roberts, on his part (from Canada), also explained that the findings can be used in education. In their study found that children retain more information and relate different  buy ambien if you open a certain length of time between the first and second class on a topic.

By learning content, the delay between the two initial studies should be long enough for kids to forget some of the material. In this way, can remember what has been studied for longer than if the time period had been short.