Chasing New Business?

As well you should. New business is what makes the world go 
round. Your business relies on new business to survive. To get
new business you must constantly change your marketing efforts.
But what about old business? Have you made a business crippling
mistake? Have you forgotten your previous customers while looking
for new ones?

There are many ways to advertise your business. What kind of
response do you get from e-zines, safelists, startpages, ect?
Email is a great way to advertise your business, you can email so
many people its hard to not get a response. E-zines are nice,
better response cause you can target your promotion a little more
than normal email. Start pages are good for Alexia ratings, but
not much more. What kind of response do you really see though?
0.2%, 0.5%, 1%, 2%? If you get even 1% response you are the most
fantastic copy writer and have the best product in the world. For
the rest of us we are exstatic when we get a 0.2% response or any
at all.

Well what about the people that do buy from you? Do you even
email them anymore? After you send your thank you for purchasing
whatever they purchased from you, do you ever email them again?
Well you should.

Lets take one person as an example. He/she buys an ebook about
making minisites from you for $19.95. What can we tell about this
person from their purchase? Well if they want to make mini web
sites, they must have a webhost. Maybe your an affiliate for a
webhosting company. Maybe they need products to sell on their
minisite. Maybe they need an ebook about copywriting for their
new minisites. Whatever else they need, they will buy it from
somebody. They have already bought from you once, why not buy
from you again?

When you make sales, make sure you have other products available
to make the one they bought perform better or easier to use. If
you sell one product to 100 people, then you sold a second
product (that made the first product easier to use) to 50 of
those people, you just sold 50% more products. You also just made
50% more proffit, and didnt spend any more on advertising as you
did before.

The point is, don't forget your previous customers. You will make
more sales on a monthly basis with 1-2 simple emails to your
previous customer base, and will significantly build your current
business. Your previous customers trust you, like you, have
money, and will buy from you again.

What the heck, lets all make a million.
Aaron Snider has been marketing online for over 5 years. Started 
on Ebay, but after paying fees with Ebay and PayPal realized he
wasnt making much money. As a result he started using Ebay as a
lead source. When customers would buy through paypal he would
follow up with new offers selling directly to his customers. He
has since created a new and exciting product that allows his
clients to do the same thing. In fact, with TheCustomerManager,
he shows you how to download your entire PayPal history and
build a very lucrative email list from your past customers. 


Source: Aaron Snider

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