'Hanssama', "'Phase''s Arpels, so good they had to ban them"

G2 fell to the loser's bracket after losing to Genji on Day 1 of the 2023 LoL Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) Bracket Stage at the Copper Box Arena in London on September 9th local time. While they took one set, the aftermath of the second set, which took less than 20 minutes, 토토사이트 was felt more strongly.


"I'm happy that we showed some promise, but in the end, I don't feel good because we lost," said G2's long laner Hans-sama in the interview room after the match, "The second set was really tough. I played Apelios-Blitzcrank with Jinx-Thrash, and after losing a two-on-two fight, I kept getting caught," he reflected on the Genji battle.


True to his word, the second set was heavily off-balance early on at the bottom, and the game ended in 19 minutes and 46 seconds. Nevertheless, G2 managed to fight back in the third set, which Hansama explained, "I don't think it's good to think about the previous set or the set you lost, not only in competition but also in practice. We tried to focus on the third set at hand, and what we could do with Jaya-Lakhan."


When asked about his first impressions of Genji's newest ranged player, Kim "Phase" Soo-hwan, Hanssama said, "'Phase' is really good at Apellios, so much so that I ended up having to ban him. 스포츠토토 However, when I played Draven, I felt that my opponent's bottom was a bit passive. That's the only thing I remember from today's play."


G2's next opponent in the losers' bracket will be either T1 or Mad Lions. "It's funny and sad that we might have to eliminate our fellow local team, Mad Lions, with our own hands. If T1 comes, it's a chance for me to get some long overdue revenge. I last met T1 in 2017, and I remember losing badly."


Finally, Hanssama concluded, "I will do my best to reach the upper bracket. Thank you to our fans for always supporting us," 스포츠토토맨 he concluded the interview.