Google search engine optimization promotion, how to promote your website after you have made it?

Many companies are thinking about how to do Google SEO optimization for their website. So here I would like to share with you some methods of SEO optimization.

First of all, in order to rank high in the search engines, 谷歌seo推广the content of your website must be valuable. This means that your content should be unique and fulfill the information needs of your users.

Secondly, in order for search engines to recognize your website, a complete and effective SEO optimization plan must be established. This plan should be optimized on-site and combined with off-site, including keyword selection, 谷歌排名优化 content optimization, title tag optimization, external link building, and code optimization.

Finally, to maintain a high level of google seo promotion optimization teaching effect, it is necessary to through constant observation, testing and conduct research data technical analysis. Only we constantly carry out to deal with these enterprise work, can make your website always be able to maintain a competitive advantage position in the search engine.

First, the station optimization

1. the basic optimization of the site: such as server configuration, open speed, site architecture and settings; specific reference.

2. Station content optimization

In the construction of the website, many people will focus on the appearance and design of the site, but often ignore the content of the site. In fact, the content of the site is one of the important criteria for search engines to determine the site. Therefore, in order to make the site in the search engine more forward, we must focus on content optimization.

First of all, we need to understand how search engines judge content. In fact, it is very simple, it is to see whether your content and user search keywords match. Therefore, if you want to optimize your content, the first thing you need to do is keyword planning and filtering.

You can do keyword research through some tools, such as Google Adwords Keyword Planner, semrush, ahrefs and so on are good choices. Through these tools, we can get some relevant keywords and then create content based on these keywords. It must match Google's big data, that is, the user's search habits, and at the same time meet the product characteristics, which is the core and direction of optimization. For example, if you want to optimize the recycling ic, you think that this word is the word to be optimized, but in fact, overseas users are not accustomed to searching with recycling IC, they are accustomed to using IC chip recycling.

Of course, in creating research content can not be the same, to be original. Because we if you just will others to develop already can publish the article information for data copy or modify the release, on the one hand, business users will feel repeated without new ideas, another important aspect will also let the search engine that your content is not original and education punishment to you. So you need to do a good job of SEO optimization to provide original, valuable, user experience life feeling, can lead to changes in user management behavior (such as leaving a message, order ...) and other good content analysis in order to achieve the real drive SEO optimization economic benefits.

Content planning refers to the process of website operation, according to the specific situation of the target audience, the development of content release plan, reasonable arrangement of content release time, frequency and form, to maximize the marketing impact of the content. In order to get the best SEO results, new sites must pay attention to content planning when doing SEO optimization.

Generally speaking, a new website to get high rankings in the search engine, there must be a lot of original content. So new sites doing SEO optimization must focus on content production. And if a new site wants to attract more traffic, it must constantly update its content and keep it fresh. According to these principles, we can develop a simple content planning method.

Third, off-site external chain optimization

External chain is a link from other sites on the Internet into their site pages, external chain will affect the search engine crawling, indexing and ranking.

The role of the external chain:

1. can improve the weight of the site.

2: Attract students to search related engine spiders.

Can improve the ranking of keywords.

4: It can improve the exposure of the enterprise website by increasing the degree of exposure, if the external link is enough, it means that there will be many people in China who know the data access control our website.

It can bring traffic to the site.

Main types:

1.Anchor text links:This refers to the ability to click on a jump in the form of text to link a keyword to another page, voting for the target page. From the point of view of seo, anchor text is very helpful for the ranking of keywords, the inclusion of article pages, and the weight of the website. The scientific and rational use of anchor text can guide search engines to better crawl the relevant pages. From the user's point of view, it can be a good guide to quickly find what it needs to know.

2: Hyperlink: refers to the url form to show that we can click on the students can constantly jump links, the role of the relative anchor text will be a little worse. Transfer weight analysis of the two are almost the same.

Stored text links: refers to the URL form can not be displayed, can not jump links. Than the hyperlink effect is a little worse.

4. Picture links: you can click on the picture and anchor text features the same.

The balance between quality and quantity:

External links are not the more the better, in order to ensure that the quantity at the same time, more attention should be paid to the quality of external links. High-quality external links, one is related to the industry, and the other is the flow and weight of the external links posted on the website. High-quality chains have high relevance and traffic and weight.

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