Cause of Death Certificate: Things to Know

Cause of Death Certificate Introduction

Doctors have the critical duty of determining the cause of death for their patients. However, it's crucial to complete Medical Certification of Cause of Death (MCCD) forms accurately and promptly. Hasty or inaccurate completion could result in legal consequences.


Healthcare professionals must gather medical information to support the cause of death. Under the RBD Act, doctors who treated the deceased are required to issue an MCCD immediately. They must also submit a "Death Report" to the Death Registry Authority along with the MCCD. 


Cause of Death Certificate FAQs 

  1. Are MCCDs and Death Certificates the same?
  2. Who is legally obliged to issue MCCDs?
  3. What happens if a doctor refuses to issue an MCCD or issues a false certificate?
  4. Can a doctor deny issuing MCCD in medico-legal cases?
  5. Can a doctor hold MCCD for non-payment of hospital bills?  



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