What is KOL marketing? What are the benefits?


When it comes to influencer marketing, a brand usually partners with influential people to promote their products. Of course, there are many similar marketing methods, such as companies partnering with professionals to promote their products on social media to further increase brand awareness.kol是什么 Such methods include employee promotion (where the company works with its employees to do this) and customer promotion (where the promoter proves to be an existing customer of the company).

Another professional and influential person is the Key Opinion Leader (KOL), which has recently become very popular. In China, KOL has become a very eye-catching way of marketing.

What is KOL marketing?

KOL marketing is when brands partner with people who have developed theoretical knowledge in specific areas of management expertise. These areas of study are usually related to the brand's products in some way,SEO公司的作用是什么 or at least appeal to people who are interested in the brand's cultural offerings.

Most Kol marketing is done online, usually on social networks or social video sites. In some cases, KOLs have already established a reputation on popular niche blogs.

However, not all KOLs have built their reputation through online channels. In fact, KOL marketing predates the Internet and can be thought of as a subset of Celebrity Marketing. In fact, KOL marketing has been around since the advent of experts.

However, there is a difference between most celebrity marketing and kol marketing. Let's say a company chooses to partner with a soccer star to market their apparel. This is usual celebrity marketing, but it is not KOL marketing unless the soccer star has a professional understanding and knowledge of sports fashion. However, if the brand partners with the same soccer star to promote a soccer coaching course or a new line of soccer boots that can help kick around the ball, you might consider marketing it as KOL.

You may notice that major brands often work with experts and scientists in their marketing campaigns. Assuming that these people have the appropriate qualifications and experience in the relevant field, you could market them as KOLs, especially since they have their own audience.

However, successful KOL marketing development requires more than just experts and relies on the ability of those who are able to influence the behavior of people through their lives as well. Academic researchers may be experts in their field, but without them hiding away in their labs and not interacting with anyone, it would be very difficult for them to have a significant impact on people's opinions or behavioral activities.

This makes kol marketing a very purely marketing approach to influencers, and influencers have the ability to change other people's minds. In theory, influencers should be key opinion leaders. Unfortunately, in practice, not all influencers have the expertise to be key opinion leaders. Some are just experts in the field of communication.

Benefits of KOL Marketing

Key Opinion Leaders earn a lot of respect because they are experts in their field, KOLs get attention from followers and can easily influence their field. So this can have a considerable traffic effect on the brands they choose to work with.

If a kol actively mentions your brand or just uses certain products, many people will take it as an endorsement. So these followers will try out your products and if they like them, they may become your regulars.

Working with KOLs can also create considerable word-of-mouth for you and your products, especially if they use more innovative techniques.

As with Netflix marketing, KOL marketers can develop a higher return on investment (ROI) than traditional channels. You just need to make sure that you set clear goals before engaging in a KOL marketing practice, i.e., what you want to achieve through our social campaign that you haven't already researched yourself. Many KOL campaigns are focused on increasing awareness of your brand or click-throughs to your website, not necessarily increasing sales.

If you choose the right kol, you will have an audience that will come together because of your interest. If you advertise on TV, you know that no matter how good your product is, many viewers will not be interested in your product. Similarly, people will skip your newspaper ads and won't even accept a free product. However, if you use Kol, it will influence the people who are interested in your product and you will have like-minded followers and fewer non-stakeholders.

You can easily identify an audience by looking at the Kol's previous posts and videos. Depending on which platforms they've built a reputation on, you can tap into the demographics and psychographics of their users to make sure they're a good fit for your brand and that their audience can match your target market.


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