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Business Funding with Bad Credit

There are numerous businesses owners who require fast business funding for their businesses. As a private lender Funding Easily does provide them with the funding they require, and that too in a hassle free and quick manner. Banks on the other hand are not much in favor of funding small businesses and most of the time reject loan applications. Approximately 90% of all loan applications are rejected by banks.

Funding Easily as a private lender is one of the leading providers of business funding to small and medium sized businesses. Our criteria are very different from those of banks, and are mentioned here as follows;

  1. The business needs to be at least 12 months old and a running business.
  2. The owner of the business must not be in any form of active bankruptcy at the time of the loan application.
  3. The business should be grossing at least $10 thousand or over in a month, to qualify for the funding.

These are the basic criteria to qualify for small business funding. Our criteria are easy and simple to qualify for and provide the applicant of the business funding with a hassle free and easy experience. Banks on the other hand do have a long and complicated procedure and criteria, which most small business fail to meet.

Other features related to funding your business and this is related to the credit scores. We do not require high credit scores, or above average credit scores. We often work with credit scores that are in the mid-500s and fund them. Banks on the other hand will only entertain a loan application whose credit scores are above average, and there is still no guarantee of approval.

We do not require collateral or security also for business funding bad credit either, and this is one of the most convenient features for small businesses. Many of them do not have the collateral required, banks do not give out funding with no collateral, and our loans are unsecured loans so we don’t require it.

Also our turn-around time to provide you with business funding with bad credit is excellent, we can at the quickest provide you with the funding you require within a period of 48 to 72 hours, and at the most within a week to 10 days. Banks on the other hand take a few months to do the same.

You can gather more information related to the business loans we provide by contacting us. Alternatively you can fill out the application form on our site by clicking on the ‘get started’ tab.