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Most people want a tasty burger from time to time, and when the craving hits you, there's a pretty good chance that your destination will be the nearest Burger King Menu . The home of the Whopper is also home to many other delicious menu items to satisfy your fast food needs. The King's vast selection is a crucial part of choosing the best meal to sate your particular hunger, but the fact that you're spoiled for choice can also easily become a problem. What should you order? Would it be wise to just play it safe and grab a Whopper meal, as usual? Or should you risk reaching deeper into the franchise's sizable roster of burgers, sandwiches, and sides in hopes of finding your new favorite fast food treat? As you consider the options, you realize that analysis paralysis is a very real thing.


The Burger King menu can be a wild terrain for the uninitiated, especially since there is a pretty big gap between the chain's most delicious fare and some of its less than impressive brethren. In order to help you on your next mission to find an optimal meal from their selection, we've rated some of their best-known selections. Let's take a look at some of the most popular Burger King menu items, ranked worst to best.


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