The BujuBanton anti-9/11 facts OP
by ewing2001, media scientist NYC/Brooklyn/Deutschland
December 15, 2009


BBB: Buju Banton "Busted" -Pro EcoFem/ProHomo FalseFlag Arrest ? -


BBB: Buju Banton "Busted" -Pro EcoFem/ProHomo FalseFlag Arrest ? -
http://ff.im/cVV5u l http://justpaste.it/buju911 l http://www.haloscan.com/comments/screwloosechange/3008711527948271023/?a=45101



...of course, if so, just to pretend, the since-2001 post9/11 destroyed gay culture does *still exist . This OP smacks like a setup, by mingling up Bujus traditional anti-slavery-GayAbuser views, to trigger a dogandpony outdated pseudoANTIsexIsm/Pseudoanti-racism"" debate and - very convenient within fascism!, to ''take out' and remove this valuable brilliant mind out of culture.... In context to *that, the actual gay scene [who also paved the way for house/musicculture] was instead replaced, infiltrated, propagandarized, "counter"threatagandarized and highly coOpted by ecoFem Fascist puppets, in the hand of a transhumanist fascist cult, "oppositeGender hating DarkAgerz incl. coOpted darkageMusic and pending bionic fascists, linked to the real perpetrators around the 9/11 event, most obviously executed and produced by [trans]-european privatized electronic space defense contractors [europe, kazachstan], i.e. EADS, Thales Alenia [which is also linked to sophisticated Operations in my neighbor house Thames 15.x as described in more unpublic columns plus a very tricky 'gaytheon'-virusOPs into Thames13.1 ], SES Dutch Skies SA. and co. - -



see more at http://nicohistory.webnode.com/ , http://tinyurl.com/eurospa... [9/11eurospaceoutsidejob]



http://news.google.com/news... "...Buju Banton has been arrested on drug conspiracy charges. The Jamaican reggae star attempted to buy at least 20-kilos of cocaine from an undercover ..." NOTE: Interestingly the first alleged version was that he allegedly was attempting to ""BUY cocaine"": http://www.nydailynews.com/gossip... : Grammy-nominated Jamaican reggae star Buju Banton faces 20 years after 11-pound cocaine bust Monday, December 14th 2009, 4:00 AM "...Controversial Jamaican reggae star Buju Banton is cooling his heels in a Miami lockup, suspected of plotting to sell cocaine..." ++ Why did they change the spin? Obviously because the story is a lie and plantOP all along, also feeding into the current antiSEX-Op in the media [Letterman, TWoods and co..] - You (edit | delete)



...of course this is also chronologicalized with the ongoing CopenhagenOP from ClubOfRome and anti-U.S selling out Ford Foundation. - You (edit | delete)