Bring Back Your Ex: 5 Helpful Strategic Tips

When you suffer a breakup, it isn’t too hard to have a breakdown. You may seem like your world can’t go on without your ex beside you. However, the following 5 tips can help you survive the rough time and are helpful tips to bring your ex back to you.


#1 - The most important tip to remember is that life does go on. You shouldn’t let it go by just because you feel your world is coming apart at the seams. If you stay holed up inside yourself, you’ll miss your chance at life. The best thing you can do is to gather the strength and face the world despite being kicked down. You should not miss life because you think someone abandoned you.


#2 - Avoid those quick negative impulses of taking drugs and drinking alcohol. These things are a way to escape but come with serious repercussions both emotionally and legally. They can do you more harm than good. Instead find something that interests you or seek guidance from a friend or family member. Seeking out a positive outlet, you can start to heal your broken heart.


#3 - Try to give your ex and yourself some time apart. You may find that no contact for a month has several positive implications. The first thing you should consider is putting your spirit and heart back together before you attempt to bring your ex back to you. With the time apart, both of you can heal yourselves and your relationship. This means much smoother sailing waters for the both of you after the month long breakup.


#4 - Avoid listening to your first instinct about the breakup. Do not follow your heart in this instance. Instead, listen to what your mind is telling you to do. Emotional responses to a breakup can cause friction among exes and does more harm than good. Don’t be afraid to listen to reason and not your feelings.


#5 - Relationships do come and go. It is one thing to keep in mind when you are in one. While you may think you are meant to be, chances are that just isn’t the case. Even if you delicately handle the breakup (only 5 percent of all breakups do not get patched up), there is a chance that you aren’t meant to be. It is a reality everyone should know right off before getting seriously involved.


Never go back into a relationship without some sort of game plan. Having a strategy with a winning focus is a must. It can be tricky to do since some problems and situations arise that you did not plan for or contend with before. Think of all scenarios and get the plan finalized before you try to bring back your ex into your arms.


While it may seem hard to bring back your ex, following these 5 simple steps can increase your chances of doing just that. Try to remember that all parts of life is a live and learn process. This includes relationships.


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