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Breast augmentation – Ever heard of lightweight implants?

Have you heard of breast augmentation let alone lightweight implants?

Have you heard of breast augmentation let alone lightweight implants? When it came to breast augmentation surgery, there were only two options available – saline and silicone implants. Over the years, cosmetic surgeons and experts introduced very few new and better methods to this cosmetic procedure, including autologous fat transfer and cohesive silicone gel implants. Things have improved but a lot needs to be done in this area. While medical professionals are hesitant to adopt new materials that are not approved by FDA, two siblings from Israel believe their new approach to breast implant surgery might change the game entirely.

A glance at new option for breast augmentation surgery

A biomedical engineer and a plastic together create a breast implant that might weight thirty to forty percent less than traditional implants used for breast enhancement procedure. According to reports, the two men claim that the new implant created by them is the first lightweight implant option in the world.  The developers created this product with comfort into consideration and also that the new implant would be much better in terms of safety and quality. However, neither the brothers have large trial on the human body nor the technology has been given a green signal by the FDA.

As per the reports, it has been found that the newly developed implants use silicone gel filling that comprises of tiny microspheres within the mixture. As the beads are air-filled, the overall weight of the size reduces. The brothers claim that the materials used in implants is safe, however, the safety of the materials used has not been confirmed yet. Many countries have started clinical trials so as to examine the effect these new implants have on the human body.it is believed that the technology would first be available on the European market making its way to Israel on the basis of the results of the studies. Although the two brothers want to take their product to the US market, it might take several years.

Materials approved by FDA have been proven effective

As per the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, silicone implants have emerged as the most popular among patients, with more than seventy-two percent of them undergoing this type of breast augmentation. However, saying that does not mean this has always been the case. In 2006, nearly 81 percent of breast implants performed were saline. In recent years, however, silicone emerged as the most preferred choice for breast enhancement procedure. However, it is always a good idea to discuss options with the cosmetic surgeon before undergoing surgery for this procedure. This would help you choose the perfect material.  Many factors are taken into consideration when choosing the material for breast implant including medical history, age and desires.