Breakup Pain: How to Get Past It

There’s no reason to make the breakup any harder than it is already on you. How can you get through the plan? By making a plan and staying to it.


When your world gets shattered by the one person who is supposed to keep it together, it can be completely overwhelming. You may think you’ll be feeling the hurt for years to come. However, this breakup pain doesn’t have to last. You can actually get out of this rut and begin living your life once again. There’s no reason to make the breakup any harder than it is already on you. How can you get through the plan? By making a plan and staying to it.


The most vitally important part of the plan, before you even devise one, is to get out of the funk you are in. This may seem difficult to do considering how bad you feel at that moment. However, if you do not get out of this funk, life will just keep going without you and you’ll end up missing the fun parts it has to offer. Take control of your own life. You first need to realize that the pain you feel is completely normal, no matter how bad you are feeling. Yet, when a breakup happen you cannot let pain take over your entire life. You have to stand up for yourself and keep moving forward. It’s likely your ex has already moved on with their life.


If you want to get out of this depression, get together with some friends who care about you. Get out to the scene where there are plenty of people.  Have a good time even if it’s forced in the beginning. You can engross yourself in this form of action keep the pain you are experiencing at bay.


Be sure you look your best whenever you are out in public. If you dress to kill, you’re likely to get attention from members of the opposite sex as well as get your ex’s attention. After a breakup of your magnitude, any attention is good to rebuild your self-esteem and self-confidence.


If your ex does hear about that’s going on in your life, chances are they will start to think about the good times with you and why they let you go in the first place. Nothing is more tempting for a person to see their ex moving on to get them back before they move on for good. When they see or hear that you are dating someone else, they’ll do whatever they can to find out if you life are any happier to be with someone else or them.


Should your ex decide they want you back, you actually have the power to decide if they are who you want to be with. While it may not be intentional to hurt them, it’s definitely nice to have that sort of power. How nice it is to have the kind of power and realize this is not the person you really want to be with though initially you thought they were.


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