Breaking Up - 5 Mistakes You Need To Refrain From Doing

If you want to win back your ex, you should be aware of these five mistakes.


When you don’t think clearly after a breakup (and most people don’t), it’s not hard to do things you will regret on down the road. Breakups and divorces have a profound effect on anyone’s life so it’s no real surprise that costly mistakes can and do happen. If you want to win back your ex, you should be aware of those five mistakes.

Breakup Errors (1) - Too Needy

One of the first things a significant other, who has just been broken up with does, is try to be with their ex all the time. However, this is a huge mistake and should never be done. The reason you were dumped is that your ex needed some space… away from you. While it’s cruel, it’s the truth. Give him or her the space they need so that you can deal with them on down the road.

Breakup Errors (2) - Text Message Terrorism

It’s time to stop calling or emailing your ex 50 times a day. This does little in the way of helping you. In fact, you become the psycho ex who just does not take a hint. The chances of them changing their phone number are probably good if you don’t quit this now.

Breakup Errors (3) - Lose of Emotional Control

It’s normal to feel out of control in this kind of situation but the worst thing you can do for yourself is to let it control you. Work through those emotions that you feel but no matter how dire the situation is, don’t let your pain rule your life. Face the day and keep moving ahead.

Breakup Errors (4) - Substance Abuse

It is so important that you do not turn to drugs or alcohol to deal with your pain. There are so many things that can go wrong when you do this. For instance, you decide to drink one night and call your ex up. While in your stupor you think this is a great idea, it’s no doubt the worst idea. All you come across has is a raving lunatic. It’s best to never pick up this costly habit.

Breakup Error (5) - Changing Your Ex

As much as men and women want to believe it, no one can change another person. You can’t control them and you certainly can’t force them to come back to you. However, you can do some changes that make them desire you all over again. Change what you can of yourself and it’s likely your ex will do the same.

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