Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for Kids: 5 Reason Why Kids Should Learn BJJ

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Nowadays, kids prefer to immerse themselves in video games and the Internet than go outdoors to learn or engage in a worthwhile activity. While video games and browsing through the Internet may not be entirely bad, too much of such activities can lead to health issues such as obesity and weak muscle strength. In fact, being cooped up in the same space for a long time may also affect a child's social skills and ability to interact with other children.

Enter Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for kids - an answer to this seemingly detrimental gadget-based habit forming among children.  

Kids BJJ is good for both boys and girls. Much like BJJ Melbourne for adults, help Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for kids helps children improve their overall fitness. Moreover, it widens their socialisation opportunities while simultaneously allowing them to have fun. Below are a few other reasons why your children should join Kids BJJ classes near you.

1. Fosters Respect and Self-Discipline

Martial arts effectively teaches children and individuals of any age the value of respect and self-discipline - qualities that require a long period of practice, patience and determination. 

With the right support system behind them, kids can learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and develop impressive character traits even at a young age. Among such characters would be respect and self-discipline, which are necessary to successfully complete an intensive Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for kids course.

By learning respect and discipline, children are able to conduct themselves properly in any given setting. They will show the same respect and discipine in the presence of adults. 

2. Develops Self-Confidence

One of the most important contributions of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for kids is that it equips students with practical defense techniques. This mixed martial art may be devoid of flashy moves, but it does teach children to neutralize possibly harmful situations and prevent injury on themselves and those around them.

Masters of Kids BJJ know how to throw counter-attacks against an opponent. With every successful defense, children become more confident in themselves and in their ability to protect what's important to them. Parents need not worry about their kids becoming violent, since they will be mainly taught to defend rather than inflict harm.

Victims of bullying can benefit greatly from Kids BJJ. Bullying can have a negative impact on children while growing up. By developing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu skills, however, kids learn how to confidently stand up for themselves and their loved ones. Instances of bullying, which usually humiliates children, can be a memory of triumph for them instead.

3. Opens Oppportunities to Socialise and Gain New Friends

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are offers numerous advantages and other social benefits. Its most notable contribution to children's growth is enabling them to make new friends. Most Kids BJJ classes are natural and energetic social environments where children can interact with each other, learning how to cooperate and trust with every interaction.

To learn BJJ techniques, kids often need one another. Mixed martial arts requires a training partner who can test and share your growth as a student of the sport. This partnership system subsequently develops in the child the ability to socialise with others and form friendships.

4. Enhances Mind-Body Coordination

Through consistent physical movements, a child can have a better understanding of how his or her body should function. Kids BJJ classes help children improve their coordination so they can do a lot of things with their torso and limbs without hurting themselves. In so doing, they will be able to do practically anything that needs mental and bodily coordination (i.e. cartwheels, high kicks, push-ups, defensive techniques). Becoming more aware of their bodies, as taught during Kids BJJ classes, allow children to easily navigate any sport or physical activity even as they grow older. 

5. Serves as Foundation for a Bright Future

The beauty about teaching children Brazilian Jiu Jitsu during their formative years is that they're easily receptive to what is taught and their bodies are flexible enough to mimic techniques. Children have so much potential for growth and exposing them to holistic forms of development like Kids BJJ can benefit them in the long run. In fact, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for kids could be the bedrock for children to transform into successful, positive and optimistic adults someday.