or a representative office, a number of questions stand up. It is particularly related to the facts of the commercial law in UAE, specifying the opportunity of forming different types of firms in different Emirates often having separate statuses and options for allowable business activity.

Often, there is a delusion about the condition of a local partner with 51% shares involved in a company in Dubai, UAE that is listed as a legal body or a branch. That is not the case, since a substantial number of companies can be listed with a full 100% ownership by foreign shareholders. The local sponsor is required only in barely particular areas and cases. These areas are typically explicitly controlled businesses such as tourism or real estate in the country.

When setting up a branch company in UAE as a branch office or a representative office, a number of questions stand up; for example, the choice of company’s type, its incorporation location (a particular Emirate), it’s Free Trade Zone. Also, the essential documents preparation is essential for company setup, the incorporation itself, gaining of license, application for residency visas for employees and business owners etc.

Our company has a strong knowledge in legal sustenance when starting a branch for different companies with dissimilar business activity such as trade, consulting, industrial, telecommunications, tourism, holding etc. We also offer assistance in market study of various business parts of UAE, which is unavoidable when taking a decision of starting a branch of your company abroad.

There are a lot of company formation types in UAE. One of the most vital ones is the setup of branch office in Dubai. To open a branch is a very popular way for foreign companies to extend their business into other markets as it provides numerous benefits.


The branch office is not considered a distinct legal unit; but an extension of the mother company. Thus, a branch office formation in Dubai lets 100 % foreign ownership and licenses to perform all actions similar to the mother company.

A branch office setup in Dubai does not need a 51 % Local Ownership, but only a Local Service Agent (LSA). This so called Local Service Agent is a UAE local National or a company wholly owned by a UAE National. He does not get any rights in the branch and only provides services related to authorities, for example visa applications. The Local Service Agent charges a fixed annual fee for his administrative support, but he does not hold any company shares or receive profit. Therefore, the branch office in Dubai is 100 % foreign owned.


In general, branch offices set up in free zones are only permitted to trade with other free zone companies or outside the UAE. Thus, free zone businesses are not allowed to straight trade with the local market. However, it turns out to be possible with the care of a local distributor, who will charge a sure fee for his assistance. However, if you plan a business setup in Dubai to trade with the local market, you could benefit from opening a branch office in Dubai mainland.


A branch company formation in Dubai can be done in one of the various free zones or within Dubai mainland. Whereas a branch in one of the several free zones in Dubai needs to rent an office within the free zone area, a branch formed in Dubai mainland can rent an office anywhere in Dubai.

Opening a branch office in sharjah mainland allows you to open an office at the exact location that suits your needs. You can profit from great infrastructure, get more walk-in clients at prime locations or save expenses as rents decrease outside the city center. Therefore, to open a branch office in Dubai mainland provides you with the advantage to rent an office anywhere in Dubai.

DMCC free zone is best fit option for a small business, working in UAE. The free zone companies have lots of privileges and freedom in the segment of business and trade. However, the business is considered as the international business.

Forex trading in Dubai and Free movements of goods from free zone to international market and vice versa are possible and this is being acted as port of transfers. Dubai is the second largest transshipment port in Asia and which has been playing a vital role in the trade and commerce of UAE.

Keeping in mind the end goal to settle this issue, many individuals find that supporting an offshore company formation in Dubai is a smart thought. All things considered, offshore company creation in expense safe houses like Dubai and different ranges is an exceptionally mainstream and always developing industry. This is because of the exceptional structure of the business; both the administration business i.e. the enlisted operator and in addition the corporate customer advantage significantly from the arrangement. The organization needs to pay significantly less duties, while the enrolled specialist itself gets paid an administration expense that is as yet a concession contrasted with the measure of cash spared by the making of the RAK offshore company formation.

Shams Consultant is a registered service provider for business setup in Dubai and is authorized by Dubai Economic Department (DED). Shams Consultant has been providing these services with a legal standing and has never been involved in any activities that are legally unauthorized by the respective government authorities. The fees for Mainland Dubai company formation depends on what are the processes involved, which in fact depends on the nature of your business. The fees levied by Shams Consultant are strictly as per the rules prevailing with the Dubai Government’s procedures for such services.

PRO Services Dubai plays a vital role when you need passport clearance, immigration, business licenses, copyrights and certification, trademarks. The PRO services of Shams Consultant guarantee that customers are given supreme support for their charming vacation and business in the UAE. Being the best business setup consultants in Dubai, our company consultant that are expert at the various formalities placed out by the Dubai authority and UAE Free Zone regulations. As our work is reliant on government system, our solid connections with them enable faster document clearances, labor contract formation, company renewal, immigration card for our customers. Moreover getting sanctions from the UAE departments, Chamber of Commerce and Foreign Affairs couldn’t get easier.

PRO Services for Mainland Company Formation

While setting up a company in DWC free zone, one has to go over many difficulties. It has a number of steps like getting sanctions from Immigration and Labor Departments, licensing and process, real or practical office arrangement as well as opening a commercial bank account and so on. We help in Dubai mainland company formation by carrying out the typical processes and getting the essential sanctions from the UAE administration system. With our inputting and legal verification services, rest guaranteed that employee visas and labor cards can be handled in the fastest of time.

Free Zones in Dubai are special economic zones offering tax free, 100% foreign ownership and free customs duty benefits to expat investors. This makes the free zones the most promising places in the Middle East for worldwide operations and fascinates many in Free zone company formation in Dubai. As a leading business consultancy, we specializes in Dubai freezone company formation & UAE free zones. Our free trade zone company formation service and business setup in UAE free zones includes A to Z processes done in professional way at minimal costs.

PRO Services for Company Liquidation

Just like company setup in Dubai, closing of a standing business also has a countless of processes to be trailed strictly. Shams Consultant helps by given that Pro services in Dubai in the liquidation and closure of companies in the Dubai by fulfilling with a series of legal processes that involves closing of licenses, closing bank accounts and making a final audit report. A actual business consultancy like Us can explain the steps and make simpler the whole method of closing the company for you in the fastest matter of time.

Visa Processing

Besides Dubai Professional license, we helps in all kind of LLC company formation in Dubai like small and large scale companies obtain employee visas for their workers as well as obtaining labor cards from the Immigration Department. We also help companies conduct medical checks and obtain the residence visa stamps on their employees’ passports