What can be Done after CCNA Training?

What should be done following CCNA training has become one of the most often requested issues ever since Cisco revised its certification courses. Many network engineers don't even know the answer to this question and many will often suggest the CCNP track after CCNA, but considering the latest technological advancements, the best way to move forward will be CCNA DevNet Training. 

A qualification for entry-level network engineers is called CCNA, or Cisco Certified Network Associate. It is a credential that attests to a candidate's familiarity with and competence with fundamental networking topics. If someone wants to work as a network engineer, they must undergo CCNA training. 

Given that most businesses are making significant investments in automation, network automation is the networking industry's present and future. 

In response to the networking industry's move toward automation, Cisco established a new certification track in February 2020 that is only focused on network automation. 

The DevNet track was developed for network engineers who wanted to be able to use software to automate routine networking chores as well as software developers who wanted to work on Cisco networking hardware. 

Therefore, CCNA DevNet is a wonderful option for all newly graduated network engineers. Network engineers will be prepared for network automation job responsibilities via DevNet Associate training. 

The associate-level certification in the DevNet track, called CCNA DevNet, focuses 80% of its instruction on DevNet basics and 20% on networking principles. To earn the DevNet Associate certification, you must pass the DEVASC 200-901 exam, which covers the fundamentals of software development and design for Cisco platforms. 

DevNet 200-901 Training will provide - 

  • Better Job opportunities 
  • Better Salary Packages 
  • Most demanded Programming Skills 
  • It also helps network engineers learn about IoT 

Conclusion – Network Engineers should always keep upgrading their skills in order to stay relevant to most demanded networking skills and move ahead in their career. Network Automation is currently the most demanded skill in the networking industry and a network engineer can get it through CCNA DevNet Training.