Boda Boda - an uber concept that is rocking east africa

The term boda-boda actually comes from the English words shouted by their drivers “border border”.

The term boda-boda actually comes from the English words shouted by their drivers “border border”.



Hailing from Kenya, I usually keep abreast on what is going on in that part of the world on a regular basis. The other day whilst I was researching for material for my next write-up, I came across an article on the “Boda Boda’’ a type of motorbike that is fast becoming popular in Kenya and other parts of East Africa. The article was about how these boda-bodas are taking on Uber.

Naturally because I also write on Ubermoto too, my curiosity was whetted and I ended up doing research for this writeup and of course, the other one is now waiting in queue to be written.


The term boda-boda actually comes from the English words shouted by their drivers “border border”. They are motorcycle taxis used to provide a cost effective mode of commuting for the local people. Boda Boda, like the Clone Of Ubermoto, has provided much-needed job opportunities for young entrepreneurs in a bid to meet their daily expenses.


  • Cost effective

  • The middle-class man can afford to buy a motorbike on loan

  • One of the fastest modes of commuting in East Africa

  • Swift and reliable in times of emergencies

  • Provides a source of income for the youth

  • They slither away silently from the sides during rush hours hence not caught in the traffic jam

  • In a place that lacks adequate transport services, these bikes are a Godsend


The popularity of Boda Boda and other similar on demand bike systems across the globe are due to the outstanding features that they have. Listed below are the features that make it a success in the on demand world.

  • A very versatile app, that can be operated from any part of the world in the language and the currency of that part.

  • Real-time tracking of the bike makes it popular as a mode of transport. There is something almost magical about seeing your ride approaching for your pick up.

  • From a business point, can be set up, configured and installed in just three days

  • It is an app that is compatible with Android, Apple, and other smart platforms

  • The app can be customized according to specific business needs

  • The automated payment system, ensuring that you do not have to worry about carrying loose money or the driver does not have to worry about change.


For anyone who is looking into making a living out of this wonderful on demand concept, can buy a white labelled solution that has been branded and customized for your business only. No one will ever know that your rocking baby actually belongs to someone else. It is, therefore, important that you shop around carefully before deciding on who will get your business. There are many companies out there in this business, so it is imperative that you go for best value for money. Get your own Boda Boda today and ride your way to your fortune.