How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Over time women have discovered several hair removal options, from epilators to waxing to shaving. While some options take a lot of time, others are painful. But as time goes by, the hair removal methods have also gone through an upgrade. Ever wondered how laser hair reduction works? Laser hair removal is a trending method of hair reduction that is not only that is not only chosen by women but has also gained immense popularity among males.


Dr. Rohit Batra, a leading cosmetic dermatologist & dermato-surgeon at Dermaworld Skin & Hair Clinics, has discussed the science behind this revolutionary laser hair reduction procedure. The expert doctor is widely known for performing the best Laser Hair Removal in Delhi.


What is Laser Hair Reduction? 


Laser hair reduction is a process of reducing hair growth by damaging the hair follicles through a laser treatment. They are destroyed with the aid of light pulses that heat the hair follicle. Protecting the skin from damage involves using particular light wavelengths that specifically target pigment. It targets areas such as the chin, hands, thighs, underarms, legs, and even the bikini region. After the procedure, hair gradually falls out, and new hair growth is significantly reduced and delayed. Consequently, the hair does not grow for a few months.


The 3 Stages of Hair Growth 


To understand how laser hair reduction works, one needs to understand the three stages of hair growth. Hair grows in three different stages, and not all hair grows at the same time. This is why hair starts to grow again when one gets waxed a week later. However, these are not the same hair waxed a week ago but are from another follicle that was at a different growth stage. Let us understand the three stages of hair growth below:


  • Anagen (the active growing stage): In this stage, the bottom of the hair follicles are connected to the dermis and its blood supply through the dermal papilla.
  • Catagen (the transitional stage): In this stage, the hair follicles begin to die and enter the catagen stage.
  • Telogen (the resting stage): In this stage, the remains of the hair bulb and the attached hair falls off easily.


Laser Hair Reduction: How the Procedure Works? 


Laser hair reduction works because the light of the laser beam can get converted into heat. Melanin (the dark pigment) observes the light and converts it to heat. In turn, the heat impacts the hair follicles, preventing hair growth. The bulb of the hair follicle, where the blood supplies the hair with oxygen, must also be destroyed completely to destroy a hair follicle.


The laser hair reduction procedure mainly works by the process of photothermolysis. This is where the laser beam is set at a specific wavelength. The laser beam gets attracted to the melanin within the hair without harming the surrounding tissues. The heat destroys the dermal papilla responsible for feeding the hair bulb and regenerating hair. The hair growth gets slow and fine after two sessions.


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