Fix Blink Camera Not Working Issue | Blink Camera Not Recording



If your Blink Camera Not Working properly then do check the cable connection and the power access in the very first place. It may be possible that your camera has not connected to the power access or the cables are faulty.


It can't be said clearly why the Blink camera has stopped working. But, there are some of the reasons that could be responsible for why Blink Camera stopped recording. Some of them are faulty cable connections, spotty internet connection, the distance between the base station and router, etc.


In this guide, we are going to arrange all the troubleshooting methods to resolve the issue. So, repeat the same steps until the security camera will not start recording again.

Why Is My Blink Camera Not Working?

Some of the main reasons that are responsible for the Blink Camera Not Recording issue are low-speed internet, a faulty power outlet, loose cable connections, too much distance between the router and base station, motion detection is set too low, damaged batteries.


You don’t need to worry, no matter what reason is responsible for your Blink Camera Connected but Not Working. To apply the troubleshooting methods mentioned below.


Fix Blink Camera Not Recording Issue In Easy Steps


It happens most of the time that Blink Camera Not Detecting Motion due to one or other reasons. In this condition, do follow the below-given steps:


1. Check the Wifi Connection


The very first and foremost thing that you should check is the wifi connection. A weak and faulty wifi device could be responsible for why your Blink Camera Not Working. Restart the router once before calling your network service providers.


2. Verify All the Cable Connections


The cables that are connected to the security camera or the router are loosely connected. Hence, connect the cables properly and replace the damaged ones if your Blink Camera Video Stopped Unexpectedly.


3. Move Blink Camera To An Ideal Location


Blink Camera Blinking Red light means that your camera is not connected to the internet. It is because you have moved the base station far from the router. Hence, minimize the distance between the base station and the router.


4. Restart The Blink Security Camera


Try to resolve the issue by restarting the Blink security camera. To restart the device, follow the below-given steps.


  • Remove the power adapter from the power outlet.
  • Wait for a while and then reconnect the power adapter again.
  • Turn ON the security camera and give it some time to connect to the internet again.
  • Check if the issue gets fixed or still your Blink Camera Not Working.


5. Replace The Batteries


The batteries that you have inserted inside the camera are faulty and need to be replaced with new ones. Hence, the damaged batteries could be responsible for the error that you are facing now.


6. Hard Reset Blink Security Camera


If you have tried the above-given steps and found that Blink Camera Not Recording Clips yet then hard reset it now.


To do the same, press the reset button given on the security camera. Wait for a while until the security camera will not restart again. Then, set up the security camera and check if the issue gets resolved or not.





Some common reasons why your Blink Camera Not Working are faulty cable connections, a faulty power outlet, slow internet speed, etc. we have arranged all the reasons above in this guide. Also, we have told you all the techniques via which you can easily troubleshoot the issue. So, there is nothing that you should worry about. Just repeat the same steps in the given order until the security camera does not start the recording again.