Don't use detergent to brush dishes, these 2 things are much better!

After each kitchen use, there will be a lot of things need to clean it, to keep the space clean and tidy state, the same every time the tableware use also need to do cleaning to be good, these tableware above the grease stains are especially much, clean up is very difficult thing. In the past, we are using detergent to clean the oil stains, but for a long time will cause great harm to our skin, and detergent will also contain bacteria and some chemicals affect our health,sponges & scouring padswhat kind of way can be used to do the dishes to clean it?

Usually in order to clean the tableware, the most is to repeat the cleaning three times only, even if this will still make the tableware above the residual some foam, no way to clean it will let it with the food into our body, which will pose a great threat to the health.

1, life often see the figure of baking soda, it can help us make a lot of food, in addition to a very strong ability to remove grease and dirt, use it to clean tableware, as long as the simple rinse a few times can be done. The point is that there is no harmful position in baking soda, which is a great protection for our health.

Baking soda can be used directly to brush your teeth, this kind of thing is particularly strong ability to remove dirt, the price is also much cheaper than the price we usually buy detergent, it can become our primary choice.

Baking soda after we buy home with it very few times,eco washing up spongeit is not something to make the necessities, it is easy to be forgotten in the corner of the home. Forgotten it is easy to pass the shelf life, if you can, do not throw it away, use it to give us home anything to do cleaning, can give it to clean, and will not cause any harm to our skin and health, which is the safest thing for us.

2, in addition to baking soda can use some fruit peels to give tableware to do cleaning, such as orange peel are very good cleaning things, it itself with a more unique fragrance, with it cleaned tableware is not only very clean, but also allows the plate to be used with a light fruity, which is most people like.

Fruit peel so used will be particularly environmentallynatural luffafriendly effect, every time we eat this fruit peel do not throw away, they will have a lot of special effects, although the peel to the tableware cleaning will be a little trouble, but on our health will have great benefits.

We give tableware cleaning with detergent cleaning will have a certain safety issues, with these security and environmental protection is relatively high to do cleaning, not only very healthy but also can play a very environmentally friendly effect.

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