Revitalize You MD is a medical spa in Roswell, GA. We focus on injectables: botox and hormone replacement therapy. We’re serving the wider Atlanta area.


While many people may think of sexual wellness as purely physical, it actually encompasses the physical, mental, and social aspects of your well-being within its connection to your sexuality. Sexual well-being involves the ability to communicate your wants and needs while also being empathetic to your partner’s needs when it comes to intimacy.

Though sex isn’t the be-all-end-all of any healthy relationship, it does take a toll on a partnership whether it be good or bad. Knowing what you want and communicating that need during intimate acts can’t only improve your sex life but can also help you strengthen and improve your overall connection to your partner. If you’re struggling with your sexual wellness Revitalize You MD offers different treatments that can help you feel confident and improve your sex life.

Hormone Replacement Therapy


If you’re considering a skin rejuvenation treatment, chances are it’s time for you to get one. Both men and women struggle with the damage and changes that occur due to skin damage and aging but it seems that many second guess themselves when it comes to addressing these issues and insecurities.


Look and Feel Younger With HRT

As we grow older, hormonal imbalance can cause a number of problems in our physical and emotional well-being. Through hormone replacement therapy (HRT), you can restore your body’s natural balance to help prevent or relieve some of these conditions.

At Revitalize You MD, we offer HRT treatments to help you look and feel younger. Schedule a consultation with us to know more. Revitalize You MD is based in Roswell, GA and we’re happy to serve customers in Alpharetta, Westfield, Milton, Crabapple, Mountain Park, Willow Tree, Tomahawk, Johns Creek.

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