A rematch of last year's Asian Games selection final winner is Kwak Jun-hyuk

Kwak Jun-hyuk and Kim Byung-kwon met in the round of 16 of the individual competition of the 2023 FIFA Online 4 eK League Championship Season 1 at the Africa TV Fixtures Studio on Wednesday, and Kwak Jun-hyuk won. Kwak scored two goals in the first set from crosses, 사설토토 and in the second set, he switched tactics and scored from a side through ball to advance to the quarterfinals.


In the first game, Kwak played a flawless game against Kim Byung-kwon. Early in the first half, Kwak scored on a side cross header, and early in the second half, he scored on the same route to widen the gap between him and Kim Byung-kwon. Kim Byung-kwon responded by scoring a goal with a tremendous header after centering the same way as Kwak Jun-hyuk.


Just as Kim Byung-kwon was about to make a serious push, 스포츠토토맨 Kwak Jun-hyuk interrupted the opponent's flow. Kwak Jun-hyuk sent a low cross into the penalty area, pretending to send in a side cross, and a panicked Kim Byung-kwon fouled him in defense. Kwak Jun-hyuk capitalized on the penalty opportunity to end the first set with a 3:1 lead.


Kwak swept Byung-kwon in two sets to advance to the quarterfinals. In the second set, Kwak showed 100% of the plays and patterns he had studied to win. After being somewhat hesitant in the previous match, Kwak made a series of bold crosses and shots, attacking Byung-kwon with different routes than in the first set.


After the win, Kwak Jun-hyuk announced the players he released and brought in. He named Rodri, Ashraf Hakami, and Ferenc Puskas as the players to be released. He added Eden Azhar, Thiago Silva, and Michael Balak to his roster. "When I looked at the meta, I thought it was a good idea to give Bolanchi a boost," said Kwak, 토토 explaining why he picked Michael Balak.