Youtube Kids.Com : Download and Set up YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids, a separate app and website, offers a curated collection of age-appropriate videos for children. The platform prioritizes educational and creative content, filtering out violent and explicit material for a safer viewing experience compared to the regular YouTube site and app.


How to Set up YouTube Kids


  1. Download and launch the YouTube Kids app on your iOS or Android device. Click here:- how to download YouTube Kids app?
  2. Tap I'm a Parent.
  3. Tap the right arrow.
  4. Enter the year you were born, and tap CONFIRM.
  5. Watch the intro video, and tap the right arrow.


  6. Choose the account you want to sign in with, and tap SIGN IN.
  7. Read the parental consent form and privacy policy, then enter your password and tap CONFIRM.
  8. Enter your child's information, then tap the right arrow.
  9. Choose the type of content you approve of, then tap the right arrow.
  10. If you agree with the selected content, tap SELECT.
  11. Tap + to add another profile, or tap the right arrow to proceed.
  12. View the parent feature tour, then tap DONE when you're finished.


How to Take More Control Over YouTube Kids


  1. Launch the YouTube Kids app, and tap your child's profile icon in the upper-left corner.
  2. Tap Add a kid in Parent Settings.
  3. Answer the math question and tap Submit, or create your own passcode for future use.
  4. Tap Timer to set a timer on the app and limit your child's screen time, or tap Settings for more advanced controls.